• dont look at here xd
  • possible crop
  • aha, no, I love love love this part. Your side profile looks so eerie. incredible. - -coral
  • hurts. cochinon! porque te quieres ver un big hole alli? hahahaha no te creas, salio muy bien tu super heroe !! me imagino q es el azul que tiene letras en todo su cuerpo no? - ISAI RODPAL photo
  • y tu xq me vez el trasero ¬¬ JK, si es ese personaje (H)

Nightcrawler - Mutants Series

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33/365 This is from my super heroes / muntants series.

I'm no that kind of guy who is happy and comfortable shirtless, but I had to do it for the concept of the photo. This time I was playing the role of Nightcrawler.

I'm not a professional. But I like it. It is so cool to try because in this way you get experience. I hope you like it.


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  1. Zachary Kinion 49 months ago | reply

    It's perfect, I love it.
    Awesome job!

  2. Logomogohogo 49 months ago | reply

    Very cool; very nice editing.

  3. ISAI RODPAL photo 49 months ago | reply

    yeah que bien te salio!
    tsssss. si te funciono el pesarle!
    y se ve muy bien el efecto del pantalon saliendo la cola!
    wooow andres!
    congratulations, big homie haha

  4. take_my_breath 49 months ago | reply

    thanks you all! well isai, no amo la foto, pero porke no soy el mejor modelo para este tipo de fotos, pero anyway no salio tan worse como krei ke saldria, xlomenos logre la idea ke keria, y ya con esoe sta bien, solo cuenta el casi concepto del personaje LOL

  5. ISAI RODPAL photo 49 months ago | reply

    pues si lograste algo muy bueno haciendo esto!
    no entendia como era, cuando lo decias, pero ya entendi!
    la mia fuck la verdad no la pude tomar, :S me fui!
    necesito mas lugares para salir, y tomar shoots ya me quiero ir a la beach
    ojala y alla encuentre algo!
    de locacion! y no lo que piensas, NO dejare panzonas!

  6. take_my_breath 49 months ago | reply

    bighugelabs says that i have an explorer, but at the time it say that it was dropped off, idk what it means :


    , this photo : www.flickr.com/photos/31496800@N04/4512139042/

  7. himynameisan [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

    haha the "detail" one.. oh god.. xD
    great concept though! :D

  8. sharon crown 49 months ago | reply

    wow, cool processing,
    amazing lighting!

  9. Simply{Marie} 49 months ago | reply

    love the stance
    and the deep tones!

  10. Clara Arámburo [deleted] 49 months ago | reply


  11. Kay Walker 49 months ago | reply

    I like it a lot Andre! You are doing so well with this series. The detail is awesome for the tail!
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  12. renatovazbrito 49 months ago | reply

    que isso na sua bunda?

  13. Håvard Hole 49 months ago | reply

    Can I say that I like this series? the mutant thingy. It is so creative, and well edited. I was irritated on flickr cause you didn´t showed on m homepage, but then I found out I haven´t added you as a contact! Way to go, little me. HAha

    I love that tail, looks like auch. Great light as well, I am looking forward to more of those, you can make a set ;)
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  14. Mary Bove 49 months ago | reply

    Don't take this as creepy, but I like your back! (:

    And,this is so creative...wonderful!! =D

  15. Paul Strowger 49 months ago | reply

    Really nice idea,
    Good luck with the series! =)

  16. anni3goesclick 49 months ago | reply

    for some reason when i first looked at it, i thought avatar. ha.
    this is really awesome though :]

  17. Rui Almeida. 49 months ago | reply

    congratulations for this amazing photo

  18. BlueBug's 48 months ago | reply

    This is amazing, like this whole set actually ! Your photoshop skills are rocking my world right now.

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