• Home made... Yeah I know I'm a cheater :0
  • Hood pins gone for the Audi R8 head lights, but don't worry I'm going to paint another strings soon ;)
  • I'm a fan of a little custom work if it's not overdone...and this works nicely. - Amhakia
  • My aggressive bad boy!
  • great detail - Genghis Don
  • Thanks, it's a simple idea but I love the way it worked.
  • Cheating as well :0 (The red thin line)
  • Trust me,This little thin red line works very well with there vehicle :) - Jason Chhaidan
  • Its alive! :D - Jason Chhaidan
  • It's incredible how you managed this section! A true work of art ...not just the section;) - Pierre E Fieschi
  • those lights still amaze me! - mattyy666
  • You have one of these?! a GT350 05 500? - Agent WHO
  • Firas Abu-JaberFiras Abu-Jaber

Ford GT

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A shot for the legendary sisters.

kojman47, Wallopy Joe, KryptonHeidt, and 76 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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  1. Tómmy 45 months ago | reply

    Oh boy, this blows my mind.

  2. Firas Abu-Jaber 45 months ago | reply

    Strange?: Thank you! Glad you like it.

  3. Colonel Ghostman 45 months ago | reply

    Hey its me! Nice to see you here.

  4. Firas Abu-Jaber 45 months ago | reply

    Hey CG :)
    Nice to see you too.

  5. twm1340 45 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Ford!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. NIRDIAN 45 months ago | reply

    Awesome LEGOfications of awesome cars. Nicely shot and edited too. :)

  7. Firas Abu-Jaber 45 months ago | reply

    NIRDIAN : Thanks my friend :) I like the way this photo turned out, and I'm so glad you like it.

    twm1340 : Thanks for the invite. Great group.

  8. Milan CMadge 45 months ago | reply

    Instant fave.

    One of the few non-WWII creations I've faved! These cars are just pure awesomeness.

  9. Firas Abu-Jaber 45 months ago | reply

    Milan CMadge: Thanks a lot! Glad you like it, thanks as well for the favorite, appreciated.

    Karf Oohlu: Thanks matey :)

  10. DarkkosiS 44 months ago | reply

    Perfection at it's best, Firas.
    I'll be contacting you soon if you don't mind. :-)

  11. Firas Abu-Jaber 44 months ago | reply

    ^ Of course I don't mind, any time :-)
    Thanks for the nice compliment, my friend.

  12. Phong Chang. 44 months ago | reply

    So you get it to stay on top of your stream? How?

  13. Firas Abu-Jaber 44 months ago | reply

    Yes I did.
    Click on "actions" above the image, then choose "edit title, tags and dates" then change the date the photo was "uploaded" to Flicker to an earlier date, like 8-29-2010 for example.
    Hope this helped.

  14. BrickMonkey 44 months ago | reply

    ^ That's a useful tip! Thanks.

  15. Crimso Giger 43 months ago | reply

    Great pic indeed :-D

  16. Dylan B.. 43 months ago | reply

    Wow....thats all i can say right now...just wow.

  17. "grohl" 34 months ago | reply

    I love GT more than any type of Ford and yours is the best one.

  18. kingtiger719 34 months ago | reply

    awesome cars !!!!!

  19. arwen.romel.hanna1 7 months ago | reply

    عاشت ايدك...فعلاً فنان مبدع

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