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  1. Andrew Smith (SPP) 83 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the talk about motivated lighting. That's another gem of a concept that had never occurred to me. It will now be in my mind whenever I'm lighting a shot!

  2. Steve Crane 83 months ago | reply

    Came here via the link to this photo on Joe's blog. This girl is amazing.

  3. ricdiggle 83 months ago | reply

    Ok I'm intrigued and have to ask ...

    I understand the 'no light in the locker' thing - it wouldn't make sense at all.
    How does a woman in a locker make sense though?


  4. GTS PHOTOGRAPHY 83 months ago | reply

    WOW nice shot!. I wish I open my Locker and found her in there. Nice pleasant expression on her face.

  5. msvphoto44 83 months ago | reply

    Nice stream, I bet she'd be cheap to take on holidays. Even more so if she could make it down to carry on size.

  6. Lornholio 83 months ago | reply

    Photo is in Adobe RGB. Despite some browsers' complience I think it's still important to cater to the lowest common denominator.

  7. Nemez 83 months ago | reply

    I agree with ricdiggle. I find very intresting the motivated light concept, still I wouldn't follow it every single time.

    If the shot doesn't represent a likely true situation, why should the light be plausible at all? I think sometime you can break the rules, of course, just don't overdo it.

  8. turk_studio 83 months ago | reply

    housing crisis simply sucks

  9. Sergei Rodionov 83 months ago | reply

    David, i got to ask - how hard was it to get her OUT of there after this shot? :)

  10. flaseando 83 months ago | reply

    A woman in a locker makes sense if she is trying to hide from a serial killer. Also, "If you want to make something more interesting, don't light all of it" (Joe McNally)

  11. NikonD80 Mo Heavy Rains 83 months ago | reply

    schools out forever

    it would



    Jaws Of Life

    To Get Me Outside the Box

  12. Keyhole Productions Photography 83 months ago | reply

    Did she start her career as a circus performer??

    Very cool shot. Instant Fav!

  13. © Alan B. Photography 83 months ago | reply

    You guys did an OUTSTANDING JOB at the DoDWMW shop this year! Probably one of the best displays of professionalism that I've seen in a very long time.

  14. icyfyer 80 months ago | reply

    please do not publish this comment.

    i saw above that you made a reference to DINFOS. i am a 25R who went to school at DINFOS during 2003-2004. it would be a great coincidence if i have met you before. if you are an instructor at DINFOS then i know you train mostly 25V soldiers there, but i still may have met you. how long have you been working there?

  15. MazzaPix 80 months ago | reply

    Why do I believe the crowbar answer?
    The specular h/l's give her a beautiful shape in the absence of darker shadows IMO.

  16. strobist 80 months ago | reply


    Umm, ... you published your comment yourself!

    I help out with the Worldwide Photo week, along with a lot of other people. I am not a F/T instructor there.


  17. HerJac 63 months ago | reply

    She is in security now !
    But don't loose your key ! lol !!!

  18. ProfePoncho 57 months ago | reply

    COOL shot indeed! =)

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