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Day 365 [What a Wonderful World] | by VKMUSTBEDESTROYED
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Day 365 [What a Wonderful World]

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Life. No matter how many times the world chews you up and spits you out, you make the best of it.


A year ago I had no idea where I was going artistically. The economy had a huge effect on my workplace in terms of creative work. While I was thankful for the company I worked for, I just felt like at no fault of anyone, I wasn't able to contribute artistically the way I knew I could. It left a huge void. Then I came across Flickr while searching for some art to use is a Powerpoint presentation for a client. I was introduced to the 365 project. Eureka! This could be what I needed. That's how this all got started. Did it work? Did I get my creative juices back? Yes. More than I could have imagined. The funny thing is, that's not what will stick with me most about this project. I'm just going to come right out and say it. You people KICK ASS! I've met some of the most honest, talented and just all around great people because of Flickr. When I started this thing, i just assumed I'd post the photo and that would be it. For the most part is was just a personal thing. I never figured it would grow into relationships with unbelievable artists. You have all inspired me like you don't even know. Its been simply amazing.


Now on to this past week. I'm humbled beyond belief. All these tributes have been unreal. I'm almost at a loss for words as to how you all have made me feel. Its not just the photos. More its the words you have all spoken. Thank you so much. I can't express how much this all has meant to me. Really. I think I've said this about 1,567,342 times through out this process... but you all rock!


So whats next? Well I'm definitely not leaving. That would kind of defeat the whole purpose of starting this in the first place. May I take a break? yes. But for sure I think I have to do a few tributes to do along with about 100 testimonials. Then photography wise who knows. I really can't see myself doing a year two. I'd really love for my wife to do one of her own. Rachel you are simply amazing and you have been unbelievable throughout this whole thing. Without you, I'm just the bald dude. I feel like there is so much more I want to say but I just can't put it all into words.


Now although I meant every last word I just said, I feel like I was a tad mushy. So I leave you with This

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Taken on October 22, 2009