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Take your damn photo and leave me alone | by Fray Bentos
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Take your damn photo and leave me alone

I'm still trying to get to grips with the Fuji GA645Zi. Results have been mixed, ranging from excellent to pretty grotty, the grottiness probably my fault rather than the camera's. So it was out for a bit of practice yesterday and the resulting pics were certainly up at the better end of my personal quality spectrum. The camera is essentially a medium format point-and-shoot. You might say this was an "inherent contradiction", but you simply have to accept the concept and adapt your technique accordingly. Fiendish levels of focus-lock going on here and an unusually co-operative sitter. I'd taken another shot from further away, to be sure of getting something. With sixteen shots per roll, the medium format lensman's economy instinct can be relaxed a little. The cat didn't budge and I moved in, expecting it at every moment, as I squinted through the viewfinder, to spring out of shot. The instruction manual specifically mentions fur as a "not recommended" surface on which to focus, so I locked the focus on a patch of wall next to the cat's paws.

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Uploaded on May 24, 2016