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20180804 1948 - fashion show - Claire - 194819-diptych-194753 | by Claire CJS
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20180804 1948 - fashion show - Claire - 194819-diptych-194753

Claire looked especially cute posing for her 1-Year-On-Hormones fashion show.


Where the hell is that dress? Haven't seen it in a year! Must be hiding.


posing, standing.

black and white dress, black and white leggings, leggings, yellow bra.



hallway, Claire and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


August 4, 2018.



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Transition Progress at this point: 1 year on estrogen HRT (since 8/2017) [injections (and no spiro) since 1/2018: 42 injections in 7mos], progesterone since 3/25/2018 (4mos). DHEA (10mg/2d) to raise testosterone a bit (since 4/2018--4mos). 10X Biotin for fingernails (since 1/17--6mos). Full-time female since 9/2017 (11mos). Publicly out as trans since 10/11/2017 (10mos). Legally female since 12/21 (7mos). !!!!!!!!! Facial Feminization Surgery booked and paid for at 2Pass Clinic (Belgium, with a quick visit to Paris before & after, 9/4/2018, 6.5hrs, $26.8K--1 month to go!) !!!!!!!!!!!!! Completed 2 semesters (16 sessions) of transgender group speech therapy at GWU's Speech & Hearing Center (6mos of voice training since 2/2017). Weight down to 147lbs (50 down from 197, but 12 up from 135, uh oh!). Same-weight waist measurement has dropped from 32" (12/17) to 31" (6/18) [now 35-31-35]. Boobs (Tanner IV) filling a 34A bra, but unsure of real cup size. Hair removal: 53 electrolysis sessions [since 4/2017] totaling 35.9 hours; 34 laser hair removal sessions [since 9/2016] (55 area treatments: 17/16/14/13 mouth/goatee/face/neck, 9 armpits, 7 legs/chest/ears/Brazilian); and bi-weekly at-home IPL on arms since 6/17 (over a year). Have seen endo/primary therapist 7X [bloodwork 6X], and 4 other therapists 13X--On anticonvulsant mood stabilizer Lamictal (3.5mos since 4/15, 200mg/day). Latisse for eyelash lengthening since 4/17 (1yr4mos). 2 dental implants, Zoom teeth whitening, pierced ears, star cold-brand on ass (7/14/2018), hair dyed blue [but blue has mostly faded, with the remaining becoming purple]. No haircuts since 1/2015--3.5yrs. Sephora makeup class attended. Minor body contouring procedures purchased on groupon (8 laser lipo + 4 ultrasonic liposculpture + 3 non-invasive buttlift sessions + permanent lip coloring), but being booked after FFS. Wardrobe replacement up to 1,129 items. Total transition expenditures at this point are now over $52,300.

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Taken on August 4, 2018