• yardsale non-slip stuff.. used to keep my console.. have used some of this on the bottom of dancepads too
  • light bulbs -- see picture below
  • wire brushes - you will use these a lot of you need to screw a new bathtub spout on a decades old pipe.

    And they will only start the job. You will also need vinegar. REMEMBER THAT. VINEGAR will help you screw things onto a rusty/old/sediment-encrusted screwthread.
  • the only way to get wood stain off your hands, tho it says you're not to touch it directly
  • I never understood how amazing a $12 crescent/basin wrench is .. until I used one myself. Last time I pay a plumber $125 to install a $100 faucet!
  • soldering iron - been used many times (but look at my DEsoldernig iron - only used once, still in package)
  • desoldering iron
  • used brushes with a bit o' life left in them -- you especially don't throw away the horse hair ones until you really have to
  • hot glue gun & ammo
  • unused brushes
  • lint traps and thumbtacks - things i'll prob never need
  • staple gun - we have 2 because it meant putting insulation up at double the rate - def worth the money. plus, one was definitely better than the other, so we would trade off for difficult areas/harder wood to staple through.
  • a normal wrench, wresting no a nail due to it being held closed with a vacuum camp...

    and of course the blue rubber wrench. one fo the strangest tools around. a tool that seems like it would be a lot more useful than it really is.
  • the vice that I made from scratch -- yes, i poured the molten metal
  • many picture hanging kits
  • an outlet tester. And yes, I simply made an outlet-shaped hole in the wall (3 prongs) and shoved it in :)
  • spare boxcutters and hex wrenches
  • gimmicky knife + scissors sharpener. First I bought files, then this, then I finally got a whetstone and sharpening oil.

    for manual endeavors, the old way is quite often the best way.

    Still, the scissors-specific sharpening part of this is neat.
  • stolen salad tongs are great when disruptive party guests smash a shotglass into your garbage disposal, don't tell you, and then you use it, and bits of glass are everywhere.

    You'll need a flashlight, and an assistant.
  • took me awhile to hang these all up. I had to open them up, and link them together. Old vacuum clamps. Still occasionally useful. Original used for padded sword construction.
  • putty knife
  • the proprietary wrench to unjam your garbage disposal - next to the salad tongs for a reason - they go together
  • caulk
  • leftover paint from dealing with the addition
  • Vice-Grip (not tagged)

20081121 - utility room organization - 0 - 172-7245 - main tool store

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I spent a couple hours over the course of a few days to completely organize the utility room and my tools as much as possible. To the extent of sorting every individual screw, and hanging all my tools on the wall so I never forget where they are.

The bottom is my favorite part - a swath of unused wall that would never ever serve any purpose. Now it does. It's also nice when I still have the original packaging for things I rarely use, like my desoldering iron and crescent/basin wrench. (If I find random things, I use smaller nails, since they're less permanent -- like the extra lint traps we accidentally bought.)

(See note.) I also hung up the vice that I made myself (poured the metal into a cast and everything) in 7th grade in Industrial Arts (shop). And then I ended up finally using it for it's intended purpose for the first time in 22 years, simply because of a combination of factors: 1) I now knew where all my tools were, and 2) Using wood glue, and not realizing you had to clamp what you glued, I was given the chance to wonder, "How do I clamp this?" Voila!

Kwik Seal caulk, box cutters, clamps, desoldering iron, glue, hex wrenches, hot glue gun, light bulbs, lint traps, litter box, mineral spirits, notebook, outlet tester, paint brushes, pliers, putty knife, rubber wrench, sharpener, soldering iron, spackle, staple gun, tacks, wire brush.

utility room, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.

November 21, 2008.

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... Read Carolyn's blog at CarolynCASL.wordpress.com

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  1. vic&becky 64 months ago | reply

    I'm impressed!!!

  2. atsawyer80 64 months ago | reply

    Looks Great!

  3. Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) 64 months ago | reply

    The best part is, my toolboxes are almost completely empty! I have a very small one that holds my sorted nails and screws (technically, it's not a tool box, as it holds no tools).

    I have one of those "6 liquor bottle" boxes from the ABC that I put my drill + extension cord + drillbits/chock (found a garfield-themed container for them, I think originally meant to hold pencils) + spare hammer/screwdriver in -- it's the closest thing to a box.

    I started to find tool boxes more of an inconvenience -- having to open them up, take the top part out to get to the bottom part, root through stuff, never knowing what is in which of the multiple toolboxes, etc, etc, etc.

    So now I know exactly where everything is -- It's in plain view on the wall where I can find it.

  4. mt•MT•Mt 63 months ago | reply

    I like the cup hooks for the light bulbs!
    I tucked mine in a plastic shoe box my mama tossed off.

  5. Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) 63 months ago | reply

    Plastic boxes are useful! I keep my drill bits in a pencil box made for students...

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