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1998ish - Clint's room - screens & clutter - 2 | by Claire CJS
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1998ish - Clint's room - screens & clutter - 2

This is about what my room looked like after graduating college (5/1997) until I bought my own house (1/1999). I did this weird thing where I moved my bed for the first time I was 9 -- into the middle of the wall it was on. It actually made sense and worked out better for me, but looked worse.


Visible stuff includes:


1) my MCI laptop with docking station (permanently connected to my 36' CRT TV)


2) my college era computer (the taller one, and the first of two machines named "Hades" -- the current "Hades" being my 2007 computer)


3) my 1999 computer (the first of two machines named "Hell" -- the current "Hell" being my 2004 Gateway piece-of-crap in-the-basement computer). And yes, that's an external tape drive on top of it.


4) The big TV. It is from 1977 and only died when faced with the evil wiring in my house, around 2002ish. We turned it on its side and used it as an end-table for a few years after that ("You know you're a redneck when...").


5)The little TV. Still lives today, though it's not hooked up to anything, is in a place nobody would ever use it to watch, and only picks up 1 or 2 channels. I can't believe that's what we watched everything during college on. Such a shame. Back in college, the audio to what I watched was routed to my computer, where a DOS program called Cthugha made it react to audio of the program. Eventually, Carolyn & I set this up on both our computers, and had one on each side of the screen. The screen on the left reacted to the left-speaker audio, and the screen on the right (obviously) reacted to the right screen audio. It was really cool, and ahead of its time.


6) Small TV is on VHS cabinets. I no longer use these. They were a treat to throw down my attic stairs and watch smash into separate wooden pieces. At AE & Meagan's birthday party recently, I saw one of these in somebody's trash as we walked to our car.


More items are visible in the other picture of this set, which shows more of my room.


TV, VHS tape, VHS tapes, cabinets, compressed air, computer, cushion, laptop, monitors, phone, pill bottle, remote control, rug, tape drive, trackball, wires.


Clint's room, Mom and Dad's house, Woodbridge, Virginia.



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Taken on November 3, 2008