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20071216 - barstool - 144-4479 - The Misfits

These bar stools KICK ASS!!! While Christmas shopping, we always end up seeing a bunch of stuff for ourselves that we never would have otherwise seen. (Since the only time we enter a mall is in December.) Spencer's Gifts had this Misfits bar stool, and I was VERY happy. As we bought it, one of the people at Spencer's pointed out that there was JUST ONE Metallica "Master Of Puppets" barstool left, and that they were on sale as well. So we got both. Even the boxes are awesome.


Also, I couldn't help but observe that the stools matched the band's personality. The Misfits stool says Misfits on the side, but only uses 3 colors (black, white, grey). The Metallica stool has nothing on the sides, so it lacks as much substance and depth. But the top of the Metallica stool is a more intricate print, using more colors (black, white, grey, hues of yellow & magenta). So, much like comparing the two bands, Metallica is flashier and more overly-produced, but lacks some of the depth of The Misfits. Still, the Metallica stool might be slightly awesomer due to the fact that more colors are on it. I still like The Misfits MUCH better as a band.



The Misfits.


Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


December 16, 2007.


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Taken on December 16, 2007