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    Explore Front Page 05/09/11 - #2

    Looks like it was taken with a 21mm f/0.5 doesn't it. ;-) This bokeh panorama (see more with this technique) consists of 25 frames, and was created to achieve an impossibly shallow depth of field. I didn't have very much room to back up, and I wanted *some* detail in the background, so I decided to go ahead and try a bokeh panorama with the 50mm f/1.2. It is generally advised to use a longer lens so that there is less positional distortion, but if you're careful don't don't go too crazy, you can make it work. In order to combat that, I made sure to overlap more than usual so there were *plenty* of reference points to correct for distortion.

    But ta-da! The Pub is where they had their first date, so it only seemed fitting to start the session there. I should also mention they frequent this place so much that she has a drink named after her...

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    1. Catskills Photography 36 months ago | reply



      (Post 1 award 1)

    2. kornichen 36 months ago | reply

      Great shot! I really like it!

    3. apeindiana 36 months ago | reply

      il sogno di tante...

    4. @DeeInna 36 months ago | reply

      ~Seen in People~
      P E O P L E

      (POST 1 AWARD 1)

    5. soupatraveler 36 months ago | reply

      Spectacular shot! Love your technique : )

    6. Danskie.Dijamco.Photography 36 months ago | reply

      Congrats on explore. another amazing shot indeed. well done!

    7. Ruhbanker 36 months ago | reply

      On a site that has millions of pictures, it's pretty cool to have one that stands out. Congrats, Sean.

    8. AJ1008 36 months ago | reply

      sweet image

    9. sara |sugarlens| 36 months ago | reply

      really cool! Thanks for the link ;)

    10. Simon Saint 36 months ago | reply

      Super, super shot, wonderful technique.

    11. Massimo De Dominicis 35 months ago | reply

      Grazie! Ho visto la tua foto nel gruppo/Thanks! I saw your picture in the group PHOTOGRAPHY IS LIFE

    12. Devin Brines 34 months ago | reply

      What do you mean by positional distortion?

    13. Sean Molin Photography 34 months ago | reply

      Let me see if I can explain this easily. When you take pictures close to something, your field of view is very different than when you're further away. Take a picture of someone with a 24mm lens, and then take a picture with an 85mm lens, and you'll see that the wide lens makes their face look extremely distorted and cartoonish, while the 85 renders a very "flat" pleasing rendition.

      Now we can take this further with panoramas. Consider you're taking a three shot panorama of a couch. If you use a wide angle lens, you have to get VERY close to the couch in order for you to need three shots. When you take the shots of the left side and right side, you'll find that the lines in them will not match up with the middle shot very well at all. Now do the same thing with a longer lens like an 85... and you'll find that you're much further away from the couch to get the same three sections... but because the angle of difference in the shots was SO much smaller, the images have lines that are linear and will match up with the other sections.

      If that's still not making sense, I suggest you try doing simple panoramas with different lenses and see for yourself. The wider the lens, the more distorted the corners of the image are, and the less likely you are to find matching points when it comes to assembling the pieces.

      OR, just take my advice and don't use wide lenses. It makes panoramas difficult. :-)

    14. Ontanilla fotografía 31 months ago | reply

      Exceptional Work !!!!
      Seen in :

      Please tag your photos with "Bokeh Standard"

    15. christopherpuchta 29 months ago | reply

      the "bokeh panorama" is an awesome idea...definitely gives me something new to try sooner or later :) . great picture!

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