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Burqa برقع

Nowadays the term burqa seems to be common for a lot of different garments with partially big differences in the outer appearance. The burqas on this picture are from Pakistan, they look different to the Afghan burqa style, as they miss the pleated backpart. The term chadri or chadari (Dari/Farsi: literally for "tent") is only used in Afghanistan.


This type of burqa came in use in the 17th century at the Moghul court in India. As Persian influence at the Moghul court was strong and Persian women at this time used a combination of a cloak (chador) and a face veil with a lattice for the eyes (ru-band) it is very likely that the combination of these garments resulted in that garment, which is known as chadri/burqa nowadays.


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Taken on August 11, 2005