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    (120628RREI7013) U. S. Supreme Court rules to uphold the Affordable care Act - Obamacare - almost in its entirety, including finding the individual insuurance mandate to be constitutional. Supporters of both sides of the health care debate demonstrated in front of the Court. Washington DC. June 28, 2012 © Rick Reinhard 2012 email rick@rickreinhard.com

    1. John J. Genna 22 months ago | reply

      I'm so excited over the government having even more control over our lives

    2. White Gate Photography 22 months ago | reply

      I don't even think that people really know what is in this bill. Congrats for more taxes :|

    3. lauraxfire 22 months ago | reply

      yeah, now my wife can keep her health insurance

    4. polarapfel 22 months ago | reply

      John, are you health insured? Would you ever consider ditching health insurance? Certainly not. Health insurance is essential. Nobody can afford to be without health insurance as even simple antibiotics for fighting a nasty flue will put you back more than US$500 including the bill for the doctor. So, in essence, the government is enabling every citizen to get fair access to something that is as essential as the food you eat and the water you drink.

      Anybody bitching about this law who has health insurance is a whiny hypocrite complaining about being forced to buy a service he would never part from anyway. The true motive is greed and anti-social behaviour, denying affordable health care to tens of millions who they'd rather see die than being cared for.

    5. John J. Genna 22 months ago | reply

      No, it works like this: My taxes go up, then when I need medical care, lots of paperwork and delays are added to the process, and the some bureaucrat decides whether or not I'm eligible for the service to begin with. Not to mention they also have this decision making power over the elderly & disabled & people who really need the care. There will be less people choosing medicine as a career because of the overhead costs. It will be harder & harder to find a doctor. Also, if I choose not to subscribe to Obamacare, I will be "taxed" (fined) $500? That money won't even go to a private carrier it goes to the goverment further eliminating their competition. Don't be naive enough to think that the taxes of the citizens of this country can sustain the healthcare of the entire country.

      Yes I have health insurance - privately owned, stimulated by competition for a healthy economy.............

    6. polarapfel 22 months ago | reply

      None of your irrational fears is reality in wealthy countries who have had mandatory health insurance for decades. I live in Germany which has one of the highest health standards in the world, medical jobs are lucrative professions in Germany and everybody has access to essential treatments, including the elderly and handicapped. Even though health insurance is mandatory there are dozens of health insurance companies to choose from, offering various extras like dental plans and other stuff that the basic packages do not cover. The rates have been more or less stable and are calculated depending on whether you go with a private insurer or a public insurer in which case the insurance fees depend on your income. If you earn more, you pay more.

      Seriously, I find this lack of solidarity and those silly irrational fears of "socialism" and decline in medical care extremely annoying when it's more than proven that there is an alternative that can make the lives of tens of millions people better and safer without really affecting the life of people like you in a negative way. Looking at this conservative Republican ideas and ideologies, which brought us other nonsense such as creationism and worse, I have to doubt common sense of those uttering these irrationalities. I never understood how a society like the American could tolerate 30 million uninsured citizens without being ashamed. That's not really worthy of a first world country, isn't it?

    7. John J. Genna 22 months ago | reply

      Yes I've heard from Europeans here about how great they think socialized medicine is at home (Switzerland, Sweden etc.). Tell me, if Socialism is so great, then why are so many wealthy EU countries broke? Why are they looking to Germany to bail them out? Why is Athens on fire?

      Consider that there are other reasons why 30 million Americans are without health insurance apart from misfortune. Great emphasis and value is placed on freedom of choice in this country. You can choose to work hard, excel in business or whatever your field is, and be self sufficient & self reliant without any interference or hindrance from the government. Everyone around you benefits from this, that's what makes a great community & economy, so there’s your solidarity. And then you get to pay for your own health insurance! Or you can be a couch potato and live on government assistance a.k.a. other hard working people's taxes. Obamacare is just an extension of this. It is not our government's job to act as a proxy between taxpayers and many that just want a handout. They also do not have the legal backing to make any commerce "mandatory".

      Do you really think our government gives a crap about the health of American citizens? The bill is all about power, control, greed & wealth. There's tons of non-medical regulations in it that will negatively affect farmers, truck drivers, small business owners, etc. making it harder for them to make a living. Add the fact that it will be financially impossible for our $14 Trillion debted government to provide all the health care that everyone needs, and add the fact that anyone who then wants to purchase private insurance won’t be able to because they will have given their last pennies paying a federal PENALTY, please explain to me how the quality of health care is going to go up. Explain how the lives of these people are not affected in a negative way.

      Socialism is nothing more than the delusion that you can give unlimited power to a ruling body of human beings and expect them to create a utopian society, or at the very least, not abuse that power. This wins the silly and irrational award of the millennium.

      Nice talking to you.

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