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Majestic Tranquility

Not every stone circle in the British Isles affords the fame of circles such as Stonehenge or Avebury, some lie quietly at the end of dirt tracks high on hills undisturbed by tourists, audio-guides, ropes, gift shops, cafes and the solstice melee's. This is the last remaining standing stone of Mitchell's Fold (sometimes called Medgel's Fold or Madges Pinfold) in the Shropshire hills, the circle, small, unassuming, patient and tranquil.


It is a Bronze Age stone circle in South-West Shropshire, located on dry heathland at the south-west end of Stapeley Hill


As with most sites of this type, its true history is unknown. However, there is a traditional folkstory that a giant whose marvellous cow gave unlimited amounts of milk used the circle until a malicious witch milked the cow using a sieve until it was drained dry, as a result of which it fled to Warwickshire where it became the Dun cow. As a punishment, the witch was turned into stone and surrounded by other stones to prevent her escaping. What became of the giant is unknown. Local Folklore also suggests this is the actual place where King Arthur withdrew Excalibur from one of the stones in the circle and then became king of the Britains.

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Taken on April 10, 2011