Gimme A Hand

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    I don’t know what it is but I seem to have this thing for hands. No, not some weird fetish. Just busy hands; playing chess, plucking a guitar string, shuffling a deck of cards, or handing-off a cup of coffee as in the case of this scene. I like not knowing the identity of the people, too. I believe the mystery makes what the hands are doing interesting. This would have a totally different mood if we saw their faces.

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    1. The secret life of Mister Blur 53 months ago | reply

      i believe that hands are the mirror of the soul
      yes, without the identity of the "bearer" of hands, the shots are perfect

    2. Elena Omelchenko 53 months ago | reply

      Wonderful eye, great capture!

    3. Sonora Guy 53 months ago | reply

      Reminds me that I need to get some more hand sanitizer at the store tomorrow. I think there's actually a special name for the germs that are passed along on coffee cups -- javajerms. Well, the word didn't actually exist until just now. I wonder if I should copyright it?

      I think I've mentioned your facination with hands a bit ago. You usually focus on the hards of artists. This is the first I've seen of plain old ordinary hands doing everyday stuff. And oddly, it has pretty much the same impact. Hands are just cool. Thanks for pointing that out.

      This is a cool scene, and I agree with you leaving out the faces makes it interesting. They're probably talking about the big game, or tax cuts or something else that you've heard so much of, you're about to puke. But, the hands are brand new.

    4. idashum 53 months ago | reply

      Hey Kurt! Love the hands from this everyday scene. Really expressive on their own with the identities shielded. Hope you had a great break!

    5. powerfocusfotografie 53 months ago | reply

      Impressive composition and scenery!!

    6. snowleopard* 53 months ago | reply

      I agree with you Kurt: the mystery makes things interesting and your shot proves well the point!

    7. PetterPhoto 53 months ago | reply

      You are right about that, maybe i have some of the same for feet ... :-) Looking at your image today I immediately sensed a feel of warm community between the two - hey, it's cold outside but have this warm cup of coffee and it will be all right.

    8. flickrfanmk2007 53 months ago | reply

      They are passing the caffeinated torch! Great shot Kurt, creates some mystery there without the faces.

    9. rist2796 53 months ago | reply

      That's a interesting shot!

    10. Blanchi.© Off..!!! 53 months ago | reply

      A beautiful and very intimate photo ...
      Yes that's right hands and gestures say a lot about a person ... and this tells me that it was very cold ... and that makes it even more appetizing the coffee ...

      I think here you have joined two recurrent motifs in you .

      Hands and coffee ...;-)

      Anyway I love ...;-)

      Have a lovely day...,-)

    11. David Lipscomb 53 months ago | reply

      This is oddly beautiful. Odd because of the intimacy of this banal moment. Obviously, this is just the exchange of coffee at a fast-food drive through, but then this little scene takes on a certain magic because of the way their fingers are touching and the gorgeous way you framed this (the lines, the thirds, the DOF, it's all working).

    12. Kevin English Photography 53 months ago | reply

      You definitely have a skill at capturing some of the subtleties within everyday life. Nice work!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    13. Andrea Rock 53 months ago | reply

      incredible shots...always!!!

    14. altamons 53 months ago | reply

      It is a great shot for sure!!!

    15. Christopoulos (off again) 53 months ago | reply

      Great, Ian -- and I love that you included your icon(ic) cat claw shot in the hands set! ;-P

    16. Marcellina. 53 months ago | reply

      I've never paid much attention to hands, but I agree with what you're saying. I feel the same, except I like to focus on nonhuman "hands." ^_^

      I sooooooooo hate it whenever a stranger passes something to me and his hand accidentally touches mine. Ewwww! Gross!! HAHAH!

    17. williamcho 53 months ago | reply

      Lovely touch! Nice bokeh!

    18. JC Shamrock 53 months ago | reply

      You got a good eye for hands, indeed.
      Nicely done, great for stock too.

    19. seddeg ~ 53 months ago | reply

      I don't think I could say it any better than "David Lipscoomb" did! Except to say, "Love it!!"
      By the way, looks like you took the backseat to all the ladies that day! =)) And about the "mystery"....if I had to guess, I would say that Alex is getting some coffee!???)

    20. jjs08 53 months ago | reply

      I've gotta hand it to ya, you know how to HANDle these hand shots, great work!!! :)

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