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Songs of Hope is a performance-oriented six-week overnight summer program in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA for 10 to 13 year-old kids from around the world. More than a camp, Songs of Hope offers participants a unique opportunity to live in community with kids from other cultures while learning and performing music from many countries.

Each summer, more than three dozen children and adult companions venture to Minnesota from Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Central America and the U.S. They arrive as strangers but soon find themselves embraced in a closely-knit, supportive community as they learn popular songs and dances from each other’s cultures. Then, they take these songs of peace, love and respect into neighboring communities in a joyous celebration of cultural unity, delighting their audiences along the way.

The lessons learned during these six weeks are profound. The friendships are enduring. And the stories are inspirational. Songs of Hope is a transformational experience. To learn why, please explore our website (, where you can see and hear for yourselves.
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