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    1. pweiskel08 24 months ago | reply

      Here are the stars and bars people were referring to:


    2. amberpaw2 24 months ago | reply

      You really captured the locked eyes and emotional intensity in this particular photo, with a slightly diffused background that causes the eye to be drawn to the Cops face and the Protesters face and the way they are locked, eye to eye. Visceral impact comes from this, the eye is drawn to the focus point.

    3. BaldBIl 24 months ago | reply

      Not having a full context of the incident, just one side form a guy who hiding his face does not really allow for anyone to decide what was deserved or not deserved.

    4. barilkob 24 months ago | reply

      Mother of mercy believes that asking some jerk why he knocked your wig off is "goading popo". Mother of mercy believes that shoving you around for no legal reason is just fine for popo. Mother of mercy believes that citizens should be responsible to control their urge to express political ideas, but popo should not be responsible for policing people who go to the park to knock the wigs off others. Mother of mercy believes popo has no responsibility to help help preserve the peace by exercising basic self control and not escalating a situation which two citizens are handling reasonably well. Mother of mercy believes you should always do what popo tells you, legal or illegal. Mother of mercy kind of likes it when big mean popo pushes mother of mercy around. Mother of mercy has a face tattoo which says: "shove me around; I'm nothing--you're God. And then can I please suck your gun? The mean end?"

    5. btriangle 24 months ago | reply

      I decided I am going to start a petition to hold this officer accountable for his crimes against the citizens he is supposed to be protecting! This is completely outrageous and unacceptable(although NOT surprising) and needs to be addressed immediately! Please sign and circulate!

      This petition is on SignOn.org, Demand Justice For Peaceful Protester Assaulted By Police.

    6. solthiel 24 months ago | reply

      No, actually there is no context that an officer should be holding a citizen by the throat.

    7. Steven Keirstead 24 months ago | reply

      No, that’s not the point. Police are trained NEVER to grab someone by the throat because doing so may cause fainting, choking and even death. There is never a good reason to do what this policeman is doing. He acted quite foolishly, and is lucky not to have done the young man harm.

    8. ricjin99 24 months ago | reply

      I see no assault, neither do you.

    9. BlueisCoool 24 months ago | reply

      Being from New England i saw this on Boston station today. It will be interesting to see what if anything happens to the office who did this.

      Nice capture and info !

    10. neutral101 24 months ago | reply

      You people are ignorant and judgmental, how many of you were actually at this event? Do any of you actually know why this police officer has his hand on that protester? Do any of you actually know if he didn't "do anything wrong"? How can you sit on your computer so many miles away and talk down on this police officer saying that he is "choking" this individual when he clearly is not. Notice how his forearm and elbow are braced against the man's chest does that say anything to you? If not then I suggest that some of you take a self defense class considering that "bracing" or "resisting" against the sternum with the hand just below the neck gives anyone the utmost control in any frontal situation that you do not want to escalate. So before any of you get on here and say "ooooh this cop needs to be fired" or "oooooh he is choking that peaceful protester". Find out that facts and make sure that you aren't in the wrong yourself, especially if you don't know what happened.

    11. Themuzzster 24 months ago | reply

      neutral101 watch the news and actually see what the police do to non-violent protesters. it is wrong wrong wrong. We had the KKK here a few years back and the police protected them.

    12. Deansnder 24 months ago | reply

      I don't see a confederate flag.

    13. Mr Q2U 24 months ago | reply

      This crowd was using the"q" word! So now it is OK to use the "q" word? Things are getting really queer these days.

    14. luval22 24 months ago | reply

      I was there and if anything the police showed a great deal of restraint - in fact too much for my liking as the protesters kept on breaching the tea party rally folks. The anti-protesters were rude and didn't want to acknowledge our right to a peaceful demonstration. Parents brought their children along and were met with profanity verbally and on their signs. I think some really felt threatened by those professing "peace love and understanding"! I didn't see the start of the altercations, however it began in a different area from where he was arrested. They attempted to escort him away from where he was originally then there was some pushing & shoving and that's when he was arrested.

    15. luval22 24 months ago | reply

      I didn't hear the Q word once. What I heard was a lot of screaming from the anti-protesters. One got in my face and called me a f'ng facists. They didn't care that kids were around.

    16. luval22 24 months ago | reply

      The officer was in a scuffle with this kid. He did nothing wrong,

    17. PELUSITA4469 24 months ago | reply

      Ok now what? I was not there, but I can clearly say if this picture was the other way around it would it be a matter of so called RACISM and it would be screaming out across nationwide through mass media...come on folks lets get real, we want equal rights and protection for our young men and boys too!!!!

    18. unfiniteflickr 24 months ago | reply

      Video of this shot here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC_Nyz86ayo

      The exact time for this shot is 0:23

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