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    Mikasa railway park, Horonai, Mikasa, Hokkaido.
    Ricoh XR10-M, 110mm for Mamiya M645, Kodak Microfilm (Imagelink HQ) exposed at ISO 6, developed with Finedol 1:1 6min.
    Scanned at 3200dpi with Epson Perfection V700 on Epson software.

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    1. ~ ann marie [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

      Feels symbolical, and related to the other train image... two iron hands locking solidly.

    2. Daniel Mennerich 46 months ago | reply

      Very cool stuff! Good Work!I like it!

      I saw this image in:
      Monochromaniacs! (post 1, comment 1)

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    3. threepinner 46 months ago | reply

      Thank you as usual. Microfilm from Kodak and Minicopy HR2 from Fujifilm are very potent in this case. The definition is superb. I think these should be used more by 35mm film camera users.

    4. Hen's March 45 months ago | reply

      This is great indeed! I like the composition and the tones and , of course, the amount of details you received with this film!
      I never heard of this flim but I really would like to use ist for 35mm. To my experiance es´pecially for 35mm the results are depending very much on the film. In most cases I'm disappointed of the graiony result. This one looks completely different. Of course Iso 6 isn't very much but you can use a tripod.
      Do you know where I cant get this film also shipped to Germany?

    5. threepinner 45 months ago | reply

      Thank you for interest. Until last year Fujifilm provided Minicopy HR2 in 135 size, which had sprocket holes like normal 135 films. Unfortunately HR2 is not sold now. So I switched to Kodak microfilm.

      I have no information how to get this in Germany. I checked it in
      There are some article, so I hope you can get in your country. I got 3 rolls of 100 feet from second hand market in a auction , not from normal market. Sorry I cannot be your help in this point.

      Microfilms other than HR2 lack sprocket holes. For ensure the progress of the film, I made two trial.
      1. Get cheap model of camera which has motor winding shutter and does not have sprocket.
      2. Increasing the fliction of the winding axis by adding a glue underneath, so that sprocket power is not needed.

      Both will work, but the effect depends on each mechanism.

      Compared to HR2, Kodak microfilm has anti-irradiation layer. This is good point.

      I sometimes tried to use this film in my folding cameras. Super Fujicasix fits. But, the film drops in the chamber, failing to get horizontal image. I should apply something in the chamber, If I succeed, I can get 32x56mm sized super fine grained image :-)

    6. Hen's March 45 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your detailed information! At first I though the film would be available in normal 35mm cartriges. But now I see, since it was not made for this purpose it is not easy
      to used it in 35mm cameras. Unfortunately I'm not that talented in working on interiors of a camera. I cannot even use a film without a cartrige.
      Anyway it is a good idea and your results are mazing! Mabey I will try the Agfaorto 25 next time which also has very fine grain although not comparable with microfilm.
      Thanks again!!

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