I shot myself...

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    I was waiting patiently for all hell to break loose from the capitals beating the bruins in ot & the king james/d-wade party... All was quiet on the western front.

    1. AZBROWN4U [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      Caps game was crazy.

    2. ras cop 35 months ago | reply

      yeah it was! oddly enough, the city was quiet all nite long...

    3. copsunited1 Thanks for 1,000,009,150,010 Views 34 months ago | reply

      Hey... watch that crap... geech... I panicked ( nearly ).. I saw the title... I "shot" myself and freaked out before I realized... photo'd myself.. geech...

      How ya doin' good buddy.? I have to tell ya I have been having a hell of a time. Dr';s want to do surgery on my back but I am scared to do it. the risks are huge for a 72 year old beat up old dude.. and he (surgeon) says got a 40% change of losing mobility in the lower extremities. I don't like ' dem dare odds'... know what I mean???

      Let me hear from ya.. miss our exchanges... JD

    4. ras cop 34 months ago | reply

      aww man jd! i have been thinking about you for about the last month or so. police week just wrapped up & i keep praying the idea of you making it to dc for the ceremonies will come to fruition. i always keep you, your health & the family in my prayers as well. everything is ocean king on my end. i'm like you, i don't like them odds either. alternatives?

    5. copsunited1 Thanks for 1,000,009,150,010 Views 34 months ago | reply

      ras.. it was a dream I had to get back to DC ..even for a few days. I truly miss being in uniform.. or "in harness" as we called it. Fact is.. I miss all my police work and buddies. I had spoken with several people about making it to the gala event but two things.. one my heart is still not doing all that well and worse yet is my back. All those years of trying to survive the injuries while toting 12 plus pounds of crap on a belt.. well I don't have to tell you about that..

      Back surgery is the next thing.. but I am fighting that like crazy.. more later good buddy....and yes.. I was thinking about you during the activities.. Miss several peeps on here and like with most cops... we don't have to comb each others hair to know we are thinking of each other.. JD

    6. ras cop 34 months ago | reply

      well i'll tell you now that i don't want you galavanting around the country with a weak ticker & a bad back. so you get yourself well, then we can discuss getting you here to dc. it would be my honor to show you my city, our nation's capital, in only the way a cop can see it or should see it. if you can't stay the whole week, that's fine. we do what you can stand, make it memorable & cherish the moment. peace my friend...

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