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Ashleigh Pylar

Misfits With Cameras/Club Blatz Photography Show

Arnold's Bar And Grill

Cincinnati, Ohio


As some of you know, I am the co-administrator, with my lovely other half Lisa, of a photography club in Cincinnati called Misfits With Cameras, we recently changed our name from Club Blatz. Since January of 2010 we've operated Cincinnati's only monthly photography show, allowing photographers of all skill levels to display their work.


Our March show was this past Saturday and good friends Andrea McClain and Ashleigh Pylar were two of 6 folks scheduled to show that night. Andrea brought in some props to display that evening that included two 1950's Argus 75 mm cameras. One of the cameras had a long contraption taped to the top of it, a long sealed black open ended box. If you looked down into the box you could see the viewfinder on top of the camera which was a little over an inch wide square and you could clearly see what the old style camera was seeing. Using the box Andrea would use her 100mm macro lens on her DSLR and compose images through the view finder of the Argus. Intrigued I decided to play around with her other camera using my macro lens ( it's only a 35mm macro) and this was one of the results. The only thing I did in post processing was a crop and a gamma adjustment in exposure, other than that, that is all. I'm seriously considering getting myself an Argus 75mm camera and play around with it. It was a lot of fun using a combination of today technology with yesterdays coolness. Although I took several shots, this was the only one Ashleigh was smiling in and to my happiness, it was well focused. Many I took were a little off in that department.


Misfits With Cameras/Club Blatz


Broke Leg Falls damage to come tomorrow.

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Taken on March 10, 2012