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Apartment "Bedroom" Seoul

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...as my "bedroom" is my apartment. And vice versa.

This week involved an excess of rain, an excess of work, an excess of pollen, a dearth of wine and one very important purchase. A new(old) wide angle lens. Thank you, Paul. I am in love.

This one's for Keks. Obviously.


On the front page of Utata.

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  1. haeshu 119 months ago | reply

    and i love it. obv. and keks. obv.

  2. Elizabeth Taylor 119 months ago | reply

    Aw, Esther (hey!!) you are the sweetest. It's about to get hot up in this bitch, though, so can they be made of ice?

    hi hannah. :)

  3. Esther17 119 months ago | reply

    of course! i'll be sure to send over a manservant, as well, with popsicles and green tea ice cream.

  4. villany 119 months ago | reply

    i'll have to FM you on my thoughts on single beds. way to inaprop. for a public thread. heh heh.

  5. sherina 119 months ago | reply

    The lighting in this shot is spectacular.

    Also, I mis-read and thought you said a death of wine, which would be terrible. Wine should not ever die.

  6. ronet 119 months ago | reply

    Nice work Ms Taylor.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  7. keksofant - Ann-Kathrin Koch 119 months ago | reply

    Nice job, Ms Taylor! I believe the original hotel room was about as small as your place.
    Although I am a little horrified at how outwards my hips really are (and I noticed scob underneath my feet).
    Why aren't you calling your one room apartment your house any more?

  8. It'sGreg 119 months ago | reply

    Stephanie...charming from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your pillow-covered head. So charming in itself and in homage that we had to splash it all over the Front Page of Utata today.

  9. neonlike 119 months ago | reply

    Enjoy the new (old) lens!

  10. emdot 119 months ago | reply

    oh yes. oh yes. fallis makes yet another fabulous call. homerun, cornell.

  11. Computer Science Geek 119 months ago | reply

    :) Sweet.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  12. Elizabeth Taylor 119 months ago | reply

    Greg, I really don't know how to properly express my love for you and the inner workings of your mind. But suffice it to say that you have a way of making one's week, and this is quite a week to try and top. Thank you so, so much for your ever beautiful way with the English language. There may even be a tear in mine eye. True.

    Keks, I have been wanting to do this one for so long. Thank you 17mm. I didn't even freak out (that much) about my shoes on the bed. It helps that I washed your blanket immediately. And I'm sorry. Yes, this is my HOUSE.

    Esther, manservant? Send him over. Make sure he is a vassal, please.

    Hello Ronet, Sherina, Phillip, Joan and Em. Thank you!

  13. moxiee 119 months ago | reply

    You washed your shoes beforehand, didn't you?
    I knew it.
    [and I can totally see up your dress]

  14. Ron Layters 119 months ago | reply

    totally homage-licious

  15. meeralee 119 months ago | reply

    WOO! Which is to say, HOO!


    Love you, Steph. Love this photo. Love the Front Page. And that ain't no April Fool's joke, neither.

  16. Umightsay 119 months ago | reply

    hey hey steph..lovin the shoes......Awesome!!!

  17. Elizabeth Taylor 119 months ago | reply

    I actually did not, Mox. [gasp!] I know, I know. But I immediately threw the blanket in the wash, so. You know. Same diff.

    Thank you Ron and Meera and Andrew!

  18. heyraeh 119 months ago | reply

    nice chucks =)

  19. Orrin 119 months ago | reply

    It's a Wide Wide Wide Wide World.

  20. unsktsrt 119 months ago | reply

    Saw this on explore today. Nice job

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