TACSI Tour 2016
SiG was excited to tour Carolyn Curtis, CEO and Ingrid Burkett, Director of Learning and Systems Innovation of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) across Canada in September 2016.

Based in Adelaide, TACSI help organizations develop, test and spread effective innovations in practice, in services, in systems and policy. They build the capability of organizations to find opportunities, design solutions, trial solutions and spread solutions.

TACSI’s approach begins with learning from people. Social innovation is about people and people are the best experts in their own lives. Good innovation draws on people’s real life expertise at all stages to build solutions that work for them. Practically this means teams skilled in listening and seeing things from other’s perspectives. Organisationally this takes leaders who can make people and outcomes a priority.

Carolyn and Ingrid toured across Canada this September to meet with communities, organizations, government departments, foundations and lab practitioners to discuss TACSI’s approach to social innovation, what they have learned about working collaboratively across sectors and discover what Canadians are doing to solve complex challenges.
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