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Just Look What Bill Made Me Do! | by Jenny Gandert Photography - aka "Rays From Heaven"
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Just Look What Bill Made Me Do!

Explore - highest position 2 - but now BigHugeLabs is showing the highest at 52 - good thing I saved the proof to Flickr!


Although country life loves me and I love it, the one thing besides weed eating that I'm not very fond of is putting up or taking down fence. I never have the right tools, equipment or qualified help to properly do the job.


So when Bill suggested that I remove the fence from my photo, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea. It seemed almost as daunting a task to remove a fence from a photo as it is to remove it from a pasture. In fact, a Google search for the proper way to do it suggested that I use wire cutters prior to taking the photo. Where were these know-it-alls before I snapped the shot? I don't have any Llandderfel fairies or dragons to assist me in the removal process. They are obviously busy removing any sign of manmade contraptions in Wales.


Bill's approval means a lot to me and he dangled the "fave" button in front of my eyes like a carrot in front of a horse.... so I set out to do it myself. But HOW? More Google results suggested cloning. The only thing I knew about cloning was Dolly the sheep and I was even less thrilled with that. Replace the fence with sheep? ;-)


One more Google search and I found a fantastic site that tells how to clone in Photoshop 6.0, but just before the video ended, the nice gentleman warns that it isn't as easy as it looks.... It didn't look easy.


How had I not noticed that my fence went through the horse, the horse's tail, under the belly and into the bushes and then on through the tree? Cloning is fun... for a few minutes. I couldn't get the smooth sky that was behind the fence to look right... so I started grabbing sky from other places. Oops... into the tail... okay, extend the tail. Oh no, now it is obvious there WAS a fence in the bushes... no problem, clone those branches and leaves. Five legs!? Horses don't have five legs! And on and on we went.


Occasionally, during this process, I yell out Bill's name, hoping some sympathetic little fairy will hear me and take one of the unwashed pans from my kitchen sink and fly to Llandderfel and bop Bill on the head with it. Not hard... just enough to let him know I'm frustrated... we wouldn't really want to hurt such a great friend and wonderful photographer.


So I get to a point where I decide I'm finished for now. I like God's sky next to the horizon better than the sky I put there... but the fence is gone.


So now I have a challenge for Bill! The photo with the fence in it made EXPLORE! My challenge to Bill is - prove this was all worth it and get your little fairies to get this one into Explore.








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Taken on July 27, 2009