Mayor Fenty Shuts Down Franklin Shelter
In the early morning of Friday, September 26, 2008, Mayor Fenty shut down the only downtown Washington DC shelter for homeless men. These photographs document the process of shutting down the shelter between 6:30AM and 8:30AM.

PLEASE CONTACT MAYOR FENTY and tell him to re-open the shelter and to listen to the former residents about what they want from the government of DC: or[$DSF_SERVER_NAME$]&agency_id=1075

Contact your DC City Council member to tell him or her to stand up to Fenty and advocate for the homeless in DC:

The night before the shelter was closed, Franklin shelter residents and advocates rallied outside the shelter. Here is a Washington Post article:

For more information, please also visit

PS: I happened to walk by the shelter around noon today and they were still removing furniture and packing up moving vans. When I walked by, they were dismantling beds.
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