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Measured Heart in Inches | by Enrique Castrejon, Los Angeles, CA
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Measured Heart in Inches

Collage, glue, ink on paper.

10" x 13"



Enrique Castrejon


Measured in inches

Scale 1/8" = 1/8"


Enrique Castrejon: Artist Statement


I linearly dissect and cut appropriated images found in variety of eclectic media sources such as newspapers, magazines, advertisements and photographs, art books, Sotheby’s auction catalogs, porn, personal photos and online sources into smaller identifiable geometric shapes. I investigate and describe what I see through measurements. I transform this selected graphic imagery into quantified drawings mapped by measuring distances between points (x inches), at times calculating the varied angle degrees created within the shapes (360˚-A˚= B˚), and/or written data related to the image of each shape. The distances around the shapes are measured in inches and their corresponding degree angles are calculated with a protractor and calculator. These precise measurements abstract the image interfering and altering its fixed meaning, creating other possible interpretations through this linear dissection. The final results are written around the shapes creating an intricate explosive web of verifiable units. This repetitive and meditative process allows me to map out the drawing and reveal the invisible mathematical language found in everything. Also, in creating these fragmented and measured drawings from the cut up parts of the whole and reconfigured, I challenge our perceptions of what is real, forcing us to think critically about information that is constantly bombarding our everyday lives through images selected in directed advertisements, pop-culture sources, editorials and news stories found in printed and online media.


Enrique Castrejon lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Castrejon’s work is also traveling nationally in a group exhibition called Out of Rubble, organized and curated by Susanne Slavick, that looks at how artists have “reacted to the wake of war – its realities and representations.” Castrejon was also a featured artist and panelist on a KPCC 89.3 radio program, Air Talk with Larry Mantel on the topic of Chicano Art & Pacific Standard Time exhibit with participating artists and panelists Gronk, Patissi Valdez and Sonia Romero.


For this image, I focused on the heart because I was dealing with my father’s double by-pass surgery this past Jan 2012. He unfortunately suffered a heart attack in December and I was struggling to understand his situation and condition. This drawing titled “Heart Measured in Inches” is an image that I created to do something with my anxiety over my father’s health and surgery. Each line coming out from the heart directly points to a measured part of it. Fortunately, my father is progressively getting better after his surgery in Jan. 2013.


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Taken on December 21, 2011