Rupert Murdoch :: Clown Arm of the NeoFascist Right Wing Corporatocracy

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    Rupert Murdoch :: Clown Arm of the NeoFascist Right Wing Corporatocracy

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    1. WMxdesign 34 months ago | reply

      Larry Flynt: Rupert Murdoch went too far...

      Larry Flynt: Washington Post: 07/15/11

      One of the few values Rupert Murdoch and I share is the importance of a free press.

      I’m sure we would both agree that it is an unimpeachable right, especially in a day and age when few pure freedoms still exist in this country. We recognize that, if we lose free expression in the media, we will have lost everything. And, perhaps most important, we understand that in the quest to protect this freedom, boundaries must be pushed.

      The way in which we push those boundaries, however, is where we differ. I test limits by publishing controversial material and paying people who are willing to step forward and expose political hypocrisy. Murdoch’s minions, on the other hand, pushed limits by allegedly engaging in unethical or criminal activity: phone hacking, bribery, coercing criminal behavior and betraying the trust of their readership. If News Corp.’s reported wrongdoings are true, what Murdoch’s company has been up to does not just brush against boundaries — it blows right past them.

      One cannot live off the liberty and benefits of a free press while ignoring the privacy of the people. People such as Murdoch and I, as heads of publishing conglomerates, have a responsibility to maintain and respect this boundary. While Murdoch may understand the significance of what we do under the umbrella of free speech, he may fail to recognize the liability attached to publication. Simply put, he publishes what he wants, apparently regardless of how he gets information and heedless of the responsibility associated with the power he wields.

      Murdoch’s enterprises have consistently published stories about people who did not give permission to have their private lives dissected in the media — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. News Corp. employees allegedly hired known criminals to obtain private information about former British prime minister Gordon Brown when his infant son was given a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. News Corp. employees allegedly hired investigators who hacked into the phones of victims of the 9/11 attacks in the United States and the July 7, 2005, bombings in London. And News Corp. employees allegedly paid police officers for illegally obtained information about the queen. Meanwhile, Roger Ailes, chief of Murdoch’s Fox News, runs a well-oiled propaganda machine.

      So it only seems fair that Murdoch was forced to close the News of the World tabloid, that he has had to abandon his bid for British Sky Broadcasting and that his reputation, not stellar to begin with, is forever tarnished.

      No matter how offensive or distasteful some people may find Hustler magazine and my other publications, no one has appeared unwillingly in their pages. I do not create sensationalism at the expense of people living private lives. Yes, I have offered money to those willing to expose hypocritical politicians — one of those offers, in 1998, resulted in the resignation of Bob Livingston, a Republican congressman from Louisiana who voted to impeach President Bill Clinton despite his own extramarital affairs. I focus not on those who are innocent, but rather on those who practice the opposite of what they very publicly preach. This may be considered an extreme or controversial practice in getting a story, but it is far from criminal.

      Link to: Washington Post

    2. provbenson2009 34 months ago | reply

      I had no idea just how much this guy owns. A real Monopoly.

    3. Sumi-l 34 months ago | reply

      I'm not sure if you've ever seen the movie or the play "The Color Purple," but there is a scene with Whoopie Goldberg puts a 'curse' on her abuser, tormentor, villian husband named 'Mister' played by Danny Glover and she holds her fingers out like the character above.

      Do you make tee-shirts?

    4. WMxdesign 34 months ago | reply

      It does look like a hex... I thought it looked sort of like a zombie pose.

      No t-shirts. Maybe I should start. I need a wealthy patron, I guess.


    5. Sumi-l 34 months ago | reply


    6. WMxdesign 33 months ago | reply

      Assets owned by NewsCorp ( aka assCLown Murdoch )

      Link to: The List

      As lovely and talented Kelly Bundy would say, "The Mind Wobbles."

    7. Fels326 33 months ago | reply

      No wonder someone threw a pie — it was a circus after all.

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