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A proto-MOOC 3.0 is already looming in the horizon...!? (366/154 June 02, 2012) | by ConnectIrmeli
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A proto-MOOC 3.0 is already looming in the horizon...!? (366/154 June 02, 2012)

Learning Phases throughout 2.0

"1. Silence your inner voice

2. Dramatically reduce using words

3. Absorb unfamiliar ways of expressing yourself within your #PLE

4. Focus on the unknown within your closest environment

5. Find & experiment with your personal accent - virtual tools can be invaluable at this stage

6. Let your transformed roots become your next source of energy"

- "How to become a Peer in the #Open" by @Connectirmeli (June, 2012) -


- I finished today a 'round seven-year-process of experimenting, action research and living theory perceptions in practice. In brief - when I started I had Transformative Learning Phases as a base:

Withdrawal => Defense => Minimizing => Acceptance => Adaptation => Integration (as they had become crystallized during European Union Socrates Programme Minerva Project Intercultural Learning in the Internet).


The second meta level idea was formed by The Conscious Competence Ladder: Unconscious Incompetence => Conscious Incompetence => Conscious Competence => Unconscious Competence.


The third corner stone later on emerged called as Invisible Learning proto-paradigm. It became crystalized through ongoing learning experiments within my closest environments as follows:

- We've all got Identity 0.0 through our childhood, youth, the way we were socialized to working life...

- We've more or less been forced to fit in Identity 1.0 through quarterly economic thinking. It satisfies a lot of people in form of good salaries, good retirement allowances, rewarding work in general Good Life 1.0.

- Identity 2.0 has emerged among a growing global tribe of people - who are obsessed to co-(re)construct as long as it takes to get rid of Life 1.0. - The current key finding that has become crystalized through living among the before mentioned tribe for last four years is that we need(ed) Everything 2.0 to get rid of A Lot of 1.0.


My above picture summarizes how Learning 2.0 (and all the way from the beginning simultaneously unlearning both 1.0 and 2.0...) has looked like, felt like, emerged and appeared from #cck08 to and themes around which I'm going to co-(re)invent, experiment and contextualize more in future. - In my present home country Finland there's exactly now a vast demand for co-creating 'stepping stone methods' for transforming the present socio-cultural (working) climate. Having reached the end of the road (of management and education 1.0) has been a commonly heard conclusion in a number of seminars in Finland during recent couple of years.


IDENTITY 3.0 - the Fourth Identity wiil be one perspective - a proto-perspective! - to what we've been / are aiming at through the variety of ongoing unlearning processes like unconferences and Massive Open Online Courses. - A proto-MOOC 3.0 is already looming in the horizon...!?

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Taken on June 2, 2012