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ADANA Sunset # 01

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According to many sources the name of Adana city of the Hittite Empire, dominated by URU Kizzuvatna Adanya name is derived from the kingdom. [2] while another claims the name, came from Egypt to the Greek mythological tribe settled in the Greek city of Argos Danao, or that is related to the legendary character Danaus'la. Danaja early Egyptian texts that are linked with a country named Thutmosis II (1437 BC) and Amenophis III (1390-1352 BC) from the inscriptions. [3] the collapse of Mycenaean civilization (BC 1200) and then went to the Aegean coast of Cilicia, some refugees . Danuna Dananayim or residents, who attacked Egypt in 1191 BC during the reign of Ramesses III is defined as a group of sailors. [4] is an ideal balance is known as the inhabitants of the city of Adana. In addition to the name in the language of PIE-nu (the river), Dana-na-vo (people who live along the river) (skeleton of immigrants) and the Rigveda (Danavas) 'with the demons who have a connection is possible. [5]


Homer's Iliad is known as the city Adana. Klikya'daki Antiohya during the Hellenistic period (Greek: Ἀντιόχεια τῆς Κιλικίας) or Antiochia ad Sarum (Greek: Ἀντιόχεια ἡ πρὸς Σάρον; "Antiohya on Sarus"), also known as. The Helsinki Atlas editors have identified as Quwê Adana temporarily (because he described as cuneiform inscriptions). Coa is also indicated in some sources name as stated in the Bible and The Torah is in the direction of King Solomon's horses and approaches that are available. [6] The city's Armenian name assigned or Ադանա Ատանա London is.


According to an ancient Greco-Roman efsanesi'ne the origin of the name Adana, Seyhan River (Sarus) to come to a place near Adana and Sarus'tan Adanus two sons who are Uranus. According to an old legend about the name of the city than the Akkadian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Hittite mythology it is believed to live near the forest and the thunder god, also known as Ishkur Adad'ın Teshub or the name given to this region. The argument proving the Hittites, and the names of these manuscripts were found in that area. This theory of the God of Thunder to bring too much rain and a plethora of great sağlamasından this region since the rain continues. This god is loved and respected by local residents figured. His honor, the region, "Uru Adaniyya," in other words, "City Region" became known as.

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Taken on November 20, 2011