The Pumpkin Dream
This gallery shows a collection of images from the beginning pencil sketches, to digital progress, to the finished book (using all zero-budget freeware software and publish-on-demand services), and now available in both print and digital formats:

1) Amazon 10x7 matte:

2) Blurb 7x7 Semi-gloss:

3) Digital Download Versions:

A tongue-in-cheek illustrated holiday poem about a Halloween night gone wrong when a bored trick-or-treat pumpkin, against advice and fear of others, leads the main character into a world of witches and monsters.

This first edition contains 37 illustrations in classic Halloween colors of orange and black, with images inspired by vintage cartoon animation.

Content is geared at all ages (and best for juvenile to adults); younger audiences will need some help with more advanced words.

I also ramble on about the book and various other things at:

And the main website is:
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