The Touching Taj Mahal

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    It may look different from other photos of this place - Taj Mahal - the wonder of the world. It was evening time and rainstorm soon came. I was impressed by the amazing symetry and fine art of colorful jemstones in pattern of lovely flower all around the marble wall which was rather yellow because of smokey fog from industry nearby. This fog was said harmful to the beauty of Taj Mahal.

    At the base floor, there were two coffins laid down the bodies of the Great in-love couple. I felt touched with some feeling beyonds words there. the Ymuna river was on the back side of the Taj. At that time, River was rather dried, lonely livestock stood on crack river bed and the dark blue sky with rainstorm and the Taj Mahal with great history made me felt rather lonely and sad inisde.

    Before we left, I just turned back to take fast shot. I feel this photo after entering the Taj comes along with fulfilled feeling comparing to the photo taken before entering.

    Next I went to Agra Red fort on opposite bank of Ymuna river. There, we went into a room that the King was imprisoned. His only happiness was everyday watching the Taj, the monument of his great love, on opposite side of river through small window and eventually he died in this room.

    We were looking the Taj Mahal from this small windows and imagined how and what the king saw and felt through this window, then we all felt sudden sharp coldness like freezer in this room so without any words we three ladies from three counties (Malaysia, Filippines, Thailand) ran out from that room till the front gate. The place may record long and emotional stories which still last and remain strong power if we were coincidentally connected with.

    Location : Taj Mahal, Agra, India
    Camera : compact 35 mm Pentax

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    1. maneeshks 100 months ago | reply

      Amazing perspective to the Taj and a such a touching personal story you have attached to it. You are a story teller - both in words and picture.

    2. Araleya 100 months ago | reply

      liza999 Thank you
      sarboo Hope you can go there.. its ownderful
      soylentgreen23 I wish I had a better camera... at that time
      maneeshks I bought hand painted of the great couple and framed it at home too. Quite expensive, I walked in and out and finally bought it. Thank you very much for visiting and comment.. I like the way you use title and description in your photo very much... in short and very touching and powerful meaning

    3. d a r i o d e l g a d o 98 months ago | reply

      Nice pictures!! I would like to have them at:

    4. melissaaaa [deleted] 98 months ago | reply


    5. 98 months ago | reply

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    6. Ojisanjake [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      I saw this in the 10+ Faves group and Faved it.

    7. Boarin 97 months ago | reply

      pretty image… congratulations!

    8. _miti_ [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      amazing amazing building

      are there many tourists there?

      1-2 bkk cafe

    9. se_kwien 97 months ago | reply

      Stunning building and nice shot! Like it a lot

    10. 97 months ago | reply

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    11. Lizaralde 97 months ago | reply

      mmm... look this:

      Taj Mahal


    12. netsuvi 94 months ago | reply

      Hi ,

      I am currently working on a calender with the new7Wonders as pictures for the months. The calendar will also feature
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      Also a dollar of each calendar will be donated for free software. I hope you support my idea.

      Therefore I wanted to ask you, if I could use your picture.
      Do you have it in a large resolution?
      Pictures should be around 4134x3071 or the next best resolution.

      Can you Email it to me : suvi at gmx dot ch ?

      Best Regards

    13. Araleya 94 months ago | reply

      Hi netsuvi
      I'm sorry I dont have large size. It was taken by small compact 35 mm camera. I guess Pentax (borrowed from my friend). This is scanned from printed paper and my scwanner could do only that resolution.

      Thank you for interesting, anyway...

    14. platane31 91 months ago | reply

      I see you are "on travel" again. Back to India or anywhere ?

      We would love to have
      this photo added to the group

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      Found in a search. (?)

    15. 'Camera baba' aka Udit Kulshrestha [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

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    17. Jay.Jay.Juice 86 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot.
      Please share it with us in our Traveler's Log group.

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    18. gordontour 77 months ago | reply

      In many ways this view is even more impressive as it shows some of the attention and detail that went into each part of the complex that we don't normally see in the larger site overviews.

    19. Shairani 68 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Brilliant shot.

    20. Aparecidamkawamoto 40 months ago | reply

      It is such a wonderful picture with full heart and soul...can not say in words how beautiful it of my dream places to far have not done yet....

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