Water Main Installation
The water main that ran through our neighborhood was about 80 years old.

Due to its age and some minor creep on our hill, the main had been failing on what seemed like an annual basis--releasing tens of thousands of gallons of water that rushed down the hill and into the storm drains that empty into Lake Merritt.

The last break caused a fair amount of property damage and some very anxious moments for two of our neighbors.

Accordingly, EBMUD bumped this area to the top of their priority list and began replacing the main early in 2011.

Through this set of photos, I've attempted to document the construction. I found the whole process interesting--maybe because I've done some construction of my own and have a grasp of how difficult it must be to join pipe sections and fittings--particularly when dealing with slopes and angles on such a massive scale.

The bulk of the work was done by EBMUD crews who were unfailingly courteous and professional. A subcontractor from San Jose was used for the initial road cuts and AJW Construction based in Oakland did the final paving.

Inspectors from Oakland's Building and Services Department were also involved ensuring that all the work was done according to code; trenches adequately compacted and street paving restored.
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