disconnected payphones
I started this project shortly after I moved to the Hyattsville, Maryland, area, when I noticed disconnected payphones all along University Boulevard. Some appeared intact, others were gutted or destroyed, all were in disuse. These once frequently used machines have been left to rust in public, to collect flyers, graffiti, grime, and trash, but not quarters or talk time. I wanted to show them while they're still around.

I originally set myself a geographical limitation, to keep this project manageable, but then discovered payphones in other towns and cities I couldn't resist capturing. The set now includes photos I took in Philadelphia, D.C., New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Rochester, Boston, suburban Massachusetts, and Austin (where I planted the seed four years ago). It's an ongoing, open-ended collection I'm building.

Eric Cartier, 2014-12-29
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