St. Helena 2010
St. Helena. One of the remaining 14 British Overseas Territories previously known as Crown Colonies, the surviving remnants of the British Empire, “The last pink bits”. The top of a 14.5 million year old volcanic pile more than three miles above the ocean floor in the middle of the South Atlantic, 15˚55’S 5˚43’W, 1,900km west of Angola, 2,900km east of Brazil, 120sq km in area and with a population of around 4,000 “Saints” whose language is English.
A one month stopover en route from the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Gough and Tristan da Cunha on the M/V Molchanov, leaving the island on the RMS St Helena to Ascension and to UK on the airbridge to Brize Norton. Old maps and photographs of St. Helena can be sen on the St. Helena History set at: There is more background information on St. Helena at
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