Northstar Twins

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    Extra cars for the Twins game.

    This one is being pushed towards downtown; viewed large, you can just see the smoke being left behind. I'm always impressed by the speed of these through the yard.

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    1. Dave Forbes Photography 48 months ago | reply

      We don't have double-decked trains in the UK.

    2. cklx 47 months ago | reply

      Did this train have two engines because of the length?

    3. wleif 47 months ago | reply

      : I've noticed that. It's interesting that even older Continental lines and Eastern US lines manage to accommodate double-decked cars, but not in the UK. I wonder of there's less clearance, and if so why.

      : They seem to run with two engines a lot, regardless of length. I don't know why. They can't possibly need all that power, but I speak without any actual knowledge.

    4. trainfixer2 47 months ago | reply

      No normally just one engine with 3600 hp for the Northstar. The train is never long enough to requier two locomotives.

    5. wleif 47 months ago | reply

      : Thanks. I seem to have a knack for seeing them with 2. I've read elsewhere that the have been reliability concerns, but again, don't actually know anything.

    6. trainfixer2 47 months ago | reply

      You got it right on the reiability trouble but they will get the bugs worked out. It's no differatn then the new locomotives we get. Give them six months and they will be fine.

    7. wleif 47 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it.

    8. Ottergoose 47 months ago | reply

      I believe that since there's only one trainset/crew active over the weekends, they keep the power on it doubled up. That way if something breaks, they don't have to call an extra crew, or send down another locomotive from Northtown/Big Lake/Wherever.

    9. Mulad 47 months ago | reply

      Do I count 8 cars in this shot? Jeez.

    10. wleif 47 months ago | reply

      A lot of Twins fans to move.

    11. Mulad 47 months ago | reply

      Definitely, but it makes loading the trains a pain since the platforms are only 5 car lengths. I've seen them handle 6-car trains in person, with the first car and last car halfway off the platform. Thank goodness for the two doors on each side rather than just one!

      Do they basically do the same thing with the 8-car train? "Split" the second and seventh cars so they each have one door on the platform, and have people load the first and last cars through the inside?

    12. wleif 47 months ago | reply

      Good question. That would be my guess. It's easy to walk through and between the cars.

    13. wleif 43 months ago | reply

      They ran a 10-car Twins train last week, and do double stops for that length.

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