1980 TGI Friday's Menu & Collection
[9/27/13: both lots have SOLD]
Pulled from the vault is this New Old Stock (NOS) pristine unused Collection of TGI Friday’s Memorabilia. Early in my career I worked as a project architect in TGI Friday’s corporate office in Addison (Dallas), Texas. It was a small, but growing company at the time with only a handful of locations (listed in 2 different posted images). At the time TGIF was definitely a singles bar, not the family friendly chain outlet it is today, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but… let me just say that times were different. If you remember late Friday nights under the red and white canvas awnings or the rich decor, ferns and stained glass you’ll love this collection. Or maybe it was the gorgeous 3-sided, 3-level pay telephone booth where private conversations could be conducted away from the crush of disco music that appeals to you. I’ve always had an eye for things of interest and beauty so the pack rat in me now gives you a chance to own a tasty slice of the early 1980’s.
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