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Train Station, Floral Park, Long Island, New York, about 1900

Floral Park, Long Island, New York, photo taken by Grandfather Tom Griffin (1867-1955).

Tom left a box of glass negatives labeled "Floral Park, Long Island." These would seem to be from a photographic assignment..


Floral Park Town Historian Walter Gosden wrote:

"The RR station that you sent the scan of was torn down when the new station (more pedestrian

friendly) was built in 1909 (that was torn down when the tracks were elevated in 1960). It would have been located opposite the rear of what is now Koenig's restaurant....


"The Seedman was John Lewis Childs. that is Tulip Avenue you are looking Northwest on, the RR was right behind your grandfather when he took the photo. Koenigs would be to the road to the immediate right of the building."


"The history of Floral Park begins in 1874, when 17 year old John Lewis Childs came to the area known as East Hinsdale. The community, then a part of Queens County, consisted of a small group of houses, one store, the Hinsdale Post Office and a rail­road station. In 1899 New York State's County of Nassau was formed and Floral Park became a part of it ...."

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Taken circa 1900