The Hog's Head

The Hog's Head, an inn and pub frequented by shady unusual types, is located a block or so off High Street, the main road. It has been a fixture for Hogsmeade for hundreds of years and is currently owned by Aberforth Dumbledore. Although the old establishment appears run down and unappealing, it has been the place for remarkable events. On the eve of the Battle of Hogwarts Aberforth provided refuge in the Hog's Head to Harry, Ron and Hermoine after they inadvertently set off the Hogsmeade Caterwauling Charm. Later that night Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix used the secret passageway in the Hog's Head as an entrance into Hogwarts to participate in the final showdown against Voldemort and his Death Eaters and to evacuate students.


After another quiet day, Aberforth Dumbledore rushes outside. He was putting the cat outside, and about to let his goats in, when he heard the Caterwauling Charm, which meant someone has apparated in Hogsmeade. The trio is now hiding in the Hog's Head, while Aberforth is about to get rid of the Death Eaters outside.


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The decal is my own design and can be found here on Eurobricks in the MCW board. Credit for the goats goes to SlyOwl.


The Hog's Head it very different from the other coloured Hogsmeade houses, probably because it's the oldest one. Light Bluish Grey doesn't look so much like stones, so it fits, and I used the black as wood because I'm running out of brown. I hope you liked it, and sorry for the elaborate description.

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