Ace of Clubs Front 10 December 2011

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    Ace of Clubs Project Bike (1974 Raleigh Super Course Frame)

    Lord Percy, Ace of Clubs - A Member of The House of Blackadder

    1. Snug Harborman 29 months ago | reply

      That's just perfect, Darrell. Well done.

      Are those Lauterwasser bars? How are they from the comfort p.o.v.?

    2. Snug Harborman 28 months ago | reply

      Darrell, do you remember what stem length you used with the Lauterwassers?

    3. Snug Harborman 28 months ago | reply

      You need a relatively short reach stem for the Lauterwasser bars?

    4. Sly Red, Chicago 28 months ago | reply

      I did! I'll give you some measurements for Blackadder (Nitto Alatross bars - inverted) and Ace of Clubs when I get home and can measure both the bikes.

    5. Snug Harborman 28 months ago | reply

      Thanks -- I'm using those bars on my Bleriot, and I want to get the stem reach correct.

    6. Sly Red, Chicago 28 months ago | reply

      Look at the side view of Blackadder vs Ace of Clubs.
      This stem is 70mm, I think. It'll be in my build book. Now mind you, I am only 5' 7" tall.
      I'll give you some more numbers tonight.

    7. ** RCB ** 28 months ago | reply

      Brilliant bike!

    8. danly2012 18 months ago | reply

      Hi...I LOVE this bike/build...fell upon it via pinterest as I was researching the Pashley Guv'nor
      I wonder if there is anywhere I can get the full specs of this bike...ive never built a bike in my life but curious?...Im 5'7 like you it seems? what frame size etc would be best?. Realistically...Could I build this kind of thing like yours cheaper than the £800 ish UK pounds for the Guv'nor?....Im keen to source the raleigh for the correct stem/bars etc same as yours...wouldnt mind a list of the main components I need?..if not...fair enough...thought id ask and congratulate you on one cool looking bike!

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