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goddess athena (detail view)

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Pallas Athene symbolizes the creative intelligence in us all--the strategy behind the force that leads to concrete achievements. She is the goddess of foresight, planning--and wisdom.


In war, she is the Protectress of the State. Although she did not condone violence, in times of war she fought with heroism, bravery, and sensible toughness. She rules the martial arts, including fencing, aikido and t'ai chi.


She is also a significator of the healing arts. One of her many aspects was that of Hygeia, goddess of miraculous healing. Legend says that she used a vial of blood from the severed head of Medusa to revive the dead and regenerate the sick.


Goddess Athene governs therapies that integrate balance and wholeness sand that redirect the vital energy currents that flow throughout the body such as acupuncture, homeopathy, macrobiotics and cellular regeneration.


Associated symbols include the owl, spear, shield, serpent, olive tree and aegis with Gorgon's head. Associated astrology rulerships are Libra, Leo and Aquarius.


In this depiction, I have included the four higher chakras: heart, throat, ajna, and crown. As we evolve as a species, we will begin to use these higher chakras more prominently.

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