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Walking On The Milky Way ... | by globalrain
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Walking On The Milky Way ...

List of names for the Milky Way

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List of name in various languages


Greek: Γαλαξίας κύκλος Galaxias Kyklos "Milky Circle", from a myth.

Hindi: akashaganga "Ganges River of Heaven", from a myth.[1]

Catalan: Via Làctia "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Catalan: Camí de Sant Jaume, "The Road to Santiago".

French: La voie lactée "The Milky Way".

Italian: Via Lattea "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Latin: Via Lactea "Milky Way", translated from Greek.

Portuguese: Estrada de Santiago, "The Road to Santiago" (used in European Portuguese only)

Portuguese: Via Láctea "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Romanian: Calea Lactee "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Spanish: Via láctea "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Spanish: Compostela "Field of Stars", originally from Latin

Spanish: Camino de Santiago "The Road to Santiago".

Irish: Bealach na Bó Finne, "The Fair Cow's Way", or Slabhbra Luigh, "Lugh's Chain"

Welsh: Llwybr Llaethog "Milky Way", translated from the Latin.

Welsh: Caer Wydion "The Fort of Gwydion" (Gwydion).

Danish: Mælkevejen "The Milky Way".

Faroese: Vetrarbreytin "The Winter Way".

Dutch: Melkweg "Milky Way" translated from Latin.

English: Milky Way, translated from Latin.[2]

German: Milchstraße "Milky Way"

Icelandic: Vetrarbrautin "The Winter Way."

Norwegian: Melkeveien "The milky way" (Bokmål, comes from Danish)

Norwegian: Vinterbrauta "The Winter Way" (Nynorsk, related to Icelandic)

Swedish: Vintergatan "Winter Street", because it is more visible during the winter in Scandinavia and looks like a snowy street.

Armenian: Յարդ զողի Ճանապարհ hard goghi chanaparh "Straw Thief's Way", from a myth.[1]

Bosnian: Mliječni Put, "Milky Way" translated from Latin.

Bulgarian: Млечен Път, "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Croatian: Mliječni Put "Milky Way" translated from Latin. Traditionally it was named Kumova slama (Godfather's straw)

Czech: Mléčná dráha "Milky Way" translated from Greek or Latin.

Latvian: Putnu Ceļš, The Birds' Path

Lithuanian: Paukščių Takas, The Birds' Path

Polish: Droga Mleczna "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Russian: Млечный путь "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Serbian: Mlečni put "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Serbian: Млечни пут "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Slovak: Mliečna dráha "Milky Way", translated from Latin.

Slovene: Rimska cesta "The Roman Road", because pilgrims followed it when traveling to Rome.

Ukrainian: Чумацький шлях "Way of Chumak"

Arabic: درب التبانة‎ (Darb Al-Tabana) means Milky way.

Hebrew: שביל החלב‎ "The Milky Way".

Maltese: Triq Sant' Anna, "St Anne's way".

Chechen: Ça Taxina Taça "the route of scattered straw"

Estonian: Linnutee "Way of Birds", from a myth.

Finnish: Linnunrata "Way of Birds", from a myth.

Erzya: Каргонь ки "Way of the Crane"

Hungarian: Hadak Útja "The Road of the Warriors", from a myth. However this is the historical term, today it is known simply as "Tejút", meaning "Milk Way".

Indonesian: Bima Sakti "Magical Bima", a character in Sanskrit epic Mahabharata

Malay: Bima Sakti "Magical Bima", a character in Sanskrit epic Mahabharata

Basque: Esne bidea, from Latin.

Cherokee: ᎩᎵ ᎤᎵᏒᏍᏓᏅᏱ Gili Ulisvsdanvyi "The Way the Dog Ran Away", from a myth.

Chinese: 銀河 "Silver River".

Georgian: ირმის ნახტომი, irmis naxtomi "The Deer Jump"

Japanese: 天の川 amanogawa "River of Heaven"

Korean: 은하 eunha "Silver River", from Chinese, or "미리내"(mirinae) in pure Korean. The Milky Way is specifically called "Uri Eunha" ("Our Galaxy").

Thai: ทางช้างเผือก "The way of the white elephant".

Turkish: Samanyolu "Road of Straw"

Vietnamese: Ngân Hà "Silver River", translated from Chinese.



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