Republican Propaganda about gas prices and the facts - Republicans want to blame gas prices on Obama

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►When Romney was for higher gas prices


Mitt Romney and the Republican would like you to believe that President Obama actually wants high gas prices. Mitt Romney's record as Massachusetts Governor reveals support for higher gas prices and electric cars.




We have seen it before... summer rolls around and gas prices soar for no apparent reason. Yet Republicans seek to score political points and spread their propaganda by blaming gas prices on Obama. Republicans will swallow any bait but reasoning Americans know the facts...

►FACT - Domestic oil production increased under Obama.

►FACT - More drilling does NOT mean lower gas prices

►FACT - Oil prices are driven by speculation markets

►FACT -Republicans seek to block Dodd–Frank which caps speculation in oil markets.

~ Speculation adds .56¢/gal to the price of gas


►Pumping fear

Rick Santorum is using a chunk of North Dakota oil to fear monger about gas prices. Senator Bernie Sanders joins Ed to talk about what's really driving up the cost of oil.


█◄≡ Video:


Most people think that gas prices have something to do with supply and demand:

● Supply is greater than it was three years ago when gas prices was $1.90 a gallon

● Demand is at it's lowest since going back to 1997


The issue is NOT supply and demand in the United States. The issue is that over 80 percent of the oil futures market is controlled by speculators. A speculators function in life is not to purchase oil - they are not the end user - but to speculate and drive prices up.


How to crack down on this Wall Street oil futures speculation? DODD-FRANK WALL STREET REFORM AND CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT stipulates that the commodities future trading commission is obligated to come up with strong rules to limit speculation.


Republicans are trying to stop Dodd-Frank from going into effect in October.


Dodd-Frank Act a Favorite Target for Republicans Laying Blame


►Drill, baby, drill fails: Oil prices soar in spite of sharp increase in U.S. production under Obama

Yet Haley Barbour, right wing try to blame Obama for high prices, still push policies that EIA says will have no impact on price.


US oil production last year rose to its highest level in almost a decade….


As a result, analysts believe the US was the largest contributor to the increase in global oil supplies last year over 2009, and is on track to increase domestic production by 25 per cent by the second half of the decade.





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►Has Obama stifled oil production?

"So I called the Interior Department's Office of Natural Resources Revenue, which collects royalties on all oil extracted on federal lands and waters. And guess what? According to the latest data, more oil is coming out of these federal areas under President Obama than under his predecessor.",0,5167009.story


►GOP adopts energy short-sightedness to attack Obama

Dan Dicker, author of "Oils Endless Bid", commodities trader, and CNBC contributer, talks about the misleading games being played by critics of President Obama's energy policy.


█◄≡ Watch the Republican hypocrisy here:


►GOP uses gas prices in fight against Obama

Analysts Michelle Cottle, Julian Epstein and Prof. Michael Eric Dyson debate whether gas prices are a strong enough wedge issue for Republicans, and why a long contest may make GOP brand damage irreparable.


█◄≡ Watch the Republican nonsense here:


►Fox News pumps fear over gas prices


Fox News is critical of the Obama administration over gas prices. Did they have the same reaction when prices skyrocketed under President Bush? Ed Schultz shows the tape for a little perspective.


█◄≡ Watch the Republican nonsense here:



wikipedia The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act


►Who's to blame for high gas prices?


Politicians are pointing fingers at Wall Street and oil speculators, blaming them for sky rocketing gas prices. But not everyone agrees that's where the blame should fall.


►No higher power than Exxon


Rachel Maddow shares stories of Exxon flexing its global political and economic muscles, and also asserting technological strength, though not necessarily in the field of oil spill clean-up.


►How Exxon makes American energy policy


Steve Coll, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of the new book “Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power,” talks with Rachel Maddow about political power and the energy industry and the institutions that shape American energy policy.







  • EN2008 3y

  • EN2008 3y

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average under the last three presidents.  Obama, Bush, Clinton - Stock market historically better in Democratic yearsBy d h-j

    ►Stock market historically better in Democratic years

    Rachel Maddow shares a Bloomberg Government chart showing that the stock market has historically performed better under Democratic presidents.

    █◄≡ Video:

    ►Stocks Return More With a Democrat in White House

    While Republicans promote themselves as the friendliest party for Wall Street, stock investors do better when Democrats occupy the White House. From a dollars- and-cents standpoint, it’s not even close.

    $$► If you invested $1000 under JFK and kept it invested only under Democratic presidents you would have approximately $10,920 on your original investment today.

    $$► Conversely, if you invested $1000 under Nixon and kept it invested only under Republican presidents you would have $2,087

    Bloomberg Article:


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    ►Bloomberg is no bastion of liberalism. So, when they release a report that shows Democrats make better investments, it carries a little extra weight.

    Bloomberg Government did a study going back to the Kennedy inauguration – 50 years – and used as a benchmark a $1000 investment in the Dow average. They then did analysis on how that investment would grow if it was only invested during either a Democrat or Republican president. For each analysis, the investment was “pulled out” during the opposing party’s administrations.
  • William Quatman 3y

    In 1979 the oil companies staged a fraudulent oil shortage and raised prices substantially, then claimed that they needed the North Slope of Alaska to make the U.S. dependent on imports and to bring down oil prices. The North Slope was in the process of being made into a wildlife reserve. A "compromise" was made, the oil companies got 87% and 13% was designated the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Once the oil companies got what they wanted in the name of making us more energy independent and lowering gas pump prices, gas prices doubled and imports increased substantially as they sold much of that Alaskan oil to Japan. Part of that "compromise" was a system to prevent disasters such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The Exxon Valdez spill demonstrated that the oil companies had reneged on all their promises and not only did not have any emergency equipment or response teams available like they were required, but actually made further cuts to save more oily money.
    20 years later, they came back for the other 13% and resorted to the same pack of lies and even asked, "How much is enough?!", "When will the greedy environmentalists have enough?!".
  • bindare2 3y

    High long-term oil and gasoline prices are not a product of speculative trading. Corrupt trading could cause price volatility and spikes. But the underlying cause for higher prices is that incremental demand is growing faster than the marginal capacity of production.
  • bindare2 3y

    The federal/ state tax is about 16.5 percent of the price for a gallon at $4.
  • EN2008 3y

  • William Quatman 3y

    bindare2 brings up an important point. Not only are we facing Global Warming, but we've exceeded peak oil production. It is highly unlikely that any reasonably large, new sources of oil will be found. We've already tapped into the largest reserves we'll ever find, oil production has reached its peak, but oil demand is still rising quickly. Make a graph of this and the demand keeps going up while production has leveled out and will begin dropping. Then let's see what happens to oil prices. The oil companies know this and will definitely exploit it.
  • EN2008 3y

    ►O'Reilly contradicts himself on gas prices
    During an appearance on The View, Bill O'Reilly claimed he doesn't know if the President controls gas prices or not. But video shows he seemed to know a lot about the subject matter back in 2008. Ed Schultz has the details.

  • EN2008 3y

    How much would Keystone pipeline help US consumers?
    Often lost in the political wrangling over the controversial Keystone XL pipeline – on hold after President Obama rejected TransCanada’s initial construction proposal – are some key findings that run counter to the rosy picture of abundant supply and lower prices so often painted by US politicians.

    Canadian companies backing the Keystone XL – touted as enhancing US energy security with a big new surge of imported Canadian oil – actually expect it to supply more lucrative Gulf Coast export markets as well as raise Midwest oil prices by reducing “oversupply” in that region. These little-publicized findings are contained in the studies and testimony of experts working for TransCanada.

    Most analysts agree that more Canadian oil flowing south would help reduce imports from other regions. Less obvious, however, is the fact that the Keystone XL pipeline is not actually needed to bring all that new Canadian oil to the US. Canadian oil import growth will go on at “almost identical” levels through 2030 using existing and new pipeline capacity as well as rail shipments – whether or not Keystone XL is built.

    US farmers who spent $12.4 billion on fuel in 2009 could see those costs rise to $15 billion or higher if the pipeline goes through, he projects. At least $500 million of the added cost “would come from the Canadian market manipulation,” he wrote. It’s based on findings of the economic consultants hired by TransCanada – contained in their analyses of the pipeline’s impact on Canadian oil producers and in official testimony before Canada's National Energy Board.

    Read the full Article:
  • EN2008 3y

    Republican energy lust blind to environment risks

    The dangers inherent in natural gas fracking and tar sands oil spills and the complicated politics that pit the economic benefits against the environment risks.
  • Frank Smith 3y

    OOPS, I must have stumbled into an obama troll site.
  • William Quatman 3y

    By "obama troll site" do you mean a place where drooling idiots aren't mindlessly championing their own exploitation by the Greedy One Percent (GOP) and mindlessly bleating the Koch brothers issued mantras? baaah baaaah Obaaaaaaaahmaaaaaaah baaaaaahd baaaah.
  • EN2008 3y

    Conservative takes on conservatives on Chevy Volt success

    Former GM Executive joins Ed Schultz to applaud the Chevy Volt and take on conservative naysayers.
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