D381 Fleischmann Bakery 1916
1916 D381 Fleischmann and Ferguson Bakery collection. Cards are very rare in any condition. Roughly in alphabetical order.
Actively searching for remaining cards I need for set:
Hugh Jennings, Walter Tragesser, Chas Jeff Tesreau & want extra Toney and really need a Babe Adams for upgrade ..... Please help! Will beat any other offer and pay/ trade for my needs in this set. Interested in any others too for upgrades and cropping variations etc... and any with coupons.

None are for sale! Dupes can be traded for other D381's. Revert back to main photo-stream page to view other cards from my collection.
Post comment on here for inquiries, I'll give my email.

thetraderspeaks.com/d381.html (check out this other D381 collection with tabs/coupons)


Net 54 vintage Baseball card link above. The best place to go for knowledgeable Pre-WW2 card collectors.
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