Firestorm - The fire breathing Lego dragon

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    Firestorm, One mighty pissed of Dragon

    video of him showing off his flame

    After succeeding twice with combining water with Lego, I decided to test myself and combine a working flame with Lego.

    This is by far and away my favourite build

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    1. halfpenguinhalflego 84 months ago | reply

      That is the most unique build ever, I never thought of making a Lego dragon actually breath fire! This needs to be blogged!

    2. Puriri deVry 84 months ago | reply

      How exactly does it work? And do the teeth melt?

    3. Stormbringer. 84 months ago | reply

      Now that's taking dragon-building one step further.

    4. Baipin 84 months ago | reply

      Have you ever had an issue with burning bricks? I know for a fact that ABS is carcinogenic when burnt, as is ABS dust as well. Either way, carcinogenic or not, this build is superb! Absolutely awesome!

    5. gambort 84 months ago | reply

      The flame is cool but the build itself is what I really love. Really nice dragon and rock.

    6. akama1_lego 84 months ago | reply

      Thx all. As to the burning bricks, In the short bursts I normally do it fails to get even remotely warm near the teeth, the pressure of the gas pushes the heat upwards.
      If I was to hold it on instead, I guess it would begin to burn after a bit.

    7. pete white brick 84 months ago | reply

      Beware the brickvention fire warden !

    8. KraKsXi4 84 months ago | reply

      i wanna buy this! NOW

    9. Benny Brickster 84 months ago | reply

      That is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen my entire life O_O

    10. r a p h y 84 months ago | reply

      That is the awesomest thing I have ever seen in my life. Congratulations man :D

    11. enro18 79 months ago | reply

      How wonderful! Is it possible to have the part numbers used, details of construction or solution to reproduce itself or is it confidential?

    12. akama1_lego 79 months ago | reply

      bar from the few in progress shots I took, I did not record how I built, or what parts went into it. It was done organically with areas worked on till they looked right asthetically. A lot of it was worked around the initial frame I built with technic beams to house the flame mechanisim.

      The links listed here show the only wip shots

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