ODST Drop Pod video

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Sorry for the somewhat blurry resolution. For the details, go to the previous item in my photostream.

Also, my first video post on flickr!

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  1. JPO97Studios 61 months ago | reply

    Instructions would be awesome!!

  2. elite ghost99 61 months ago | reply

    Dude amazing! Very accurate a like the stand to.

  3. Fantastic Plastic 60 months ago | reply

    my god that is so awsome

  4. owenmokiratov 59 months ago | reply

    just signed up for flikr and I already recognize people from mocpages. Joris makenzie jonathan, your all in my fave builders. Amazin drop pod mine sucks.

  5. :] :P 59 months ago | reply

    can you make a video on how to build it?

  6. SJ Commander - SPW / J-Tac / TPI 58 months ago | reply

    To all that want instructions: I suggest you take a look at the various pictures and the video and try to piece the design together from that. Asking for instructions is only allowed if the design is far too complicated to be glanced from a few pics, and even then it is mostly frowned upon.

  7. Mackenzie B. 58 months ago | reply

    ^agreed, i managed to build an exact replica no-sweat, i didnt post it but i did make one

  8. Black Fade 58 months ago | reply

    To the two above me, can you please explain or take a pic of the how the side panels attach to the back (I think it's two 1x2-2x2 bracket, http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/44728) and how the bottom is made. From the pictures and video I can't get those two. A simple explanation will suffice.

  9. DylanJCossack456 57 months ago | reply

    You sir, have just won the game.

  10. Gir Eat Lego 57 months ago | reply

    o_o i <3 this

  11. SonOfTheShire 56 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is just so awesome.

  12. Jon Brick 55 months ago | reply

    PLEASE, PLEASE, post step by step pictures.

  13. Roarsack 44 months ago | reply

    "Starstreak: As the title says, this is the drop pod as seen in the most recent Halo game, ODST. The drop pods seen in Halos 2 and 3 are much simpler." There are no drop pods in Halo 3.

  14. Pitch White 39 months ago | reply

    Holy Hells!!!!!! :D

  15. Rick_3691 39 months ago | reply

    Holy Hells indeed. Thank you for pointing that out.

  16. Flameburst9 [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    plz give me instructions for this!

  17. commanderE1454 28 months ago | reply

    N-structions please!

  18. The Mugbearer 7 months ago | reply

    <3 Much love for all those functions.

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