Elysian Hotel Chicago Tour
Thanks to the staff at The Elysian Hotel in Chicago and to Golin Harris for the behind the scenes tour of this gorgeous property before it opened on December 9. Disclosure: In addition to the tour, the hotel treated us to a reception with complimentary beverages and a light dinner.
On December 9, I was honored to be one of the those in attendance at the grand opening - what a momentous occasion for the Elysian Hotel team and for the city of Chicago.
Influenced by Coco Chanel, the hotel's decor is dramatic, elegant, inspired, daring and comfortable - all at once. For more information, permission to use an image or to arrange to purchase a print, email corywestmedia@gmail.com or call 630.207.7530. Thanks so much!
Barbara Rozgonyi for www.thesociallens.com
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