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insults [default recourse of the ignorant]



this is a phenomenon i have noticed throughout my life.


when faced with an opinion, position, argument, assertion, theory, or any form of reasonable communication of ideas that seem difficult or impossible to understand, what is the default position of the ignorant and the stupid?


the default position is to offer insult.


the default position is to 'name call'.




i had this happen to me quite recently; though this was certainly not the first time i have experienced this behaviour from the ignorant and ill informed.


i have seen this behaviour manifest itself countless times.




and for me, the insults and derogations have had [and still have] a decidedly similar ring:



snob [this offered recently, spelt wrongly ironically enough].









it seems to me that there are certain societal groups who actually take great pleasure in, indeed pride themselves for, not knowing things.


how decidedly odd!




of course, what are the discursive options available to the ignorant?


they are very few to be sure.


though i do feel that when faced with:


• an idea that you may not understand.

• a view that you may not agree with.

• language that may evade your available vocabulary.

• an argument or theory that you cannot refute.


you might be best served by searching for some learning process that might allow you to:


• offer a different idea.

• offer an alternative view.

• improve your understanding of language.

• offer a counter argument.




it has not escaped my attention that many of these aforementioned derogations [certainly in my country] have a peculiarly sexual connotation.


the fact that you may be more intelligent, and more capable with regard to use of language, renders you somehow 'effeminate' in relation to those who may simply be much more stupid than yourself.


cue the 'jock' versus the 'nerd'.


once again, how entirely odd.


[imho the questioning of 'masculinity' with regard to intellectual capability is simply one more 'name calling' stratagem of those incapable in terms of intellectual capacity or linguistic ability].


i can understand this stratagem only too clearly; you can only use the weapons you possess!




i am entirely confident that many intelligent children the world over are even now being subjected to taunts and verbal abuse that result from the simple fact that the majority of their peers are quite simply incapable of understanding what they understand.


moreover, these individuals are utterly incapable of the linguistic ability to explain their own intellectual inadequacy, ignorance and stupidity.


hence the ire.


fucking lowbrow knuckle dragging ass slapping shower sharing homoerotic jock cretins


[and the female equivalent].


there, i said it.


rightly are the stupid thus called.






ps - for all those who are not familiar with the term 'homoerotic':


and [please read this}:


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Taken on December 11, 2010