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absolute truth is an impossibility | by theG™
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absolute truth is an impossibility

this includes you.

and me.


[a day later he writes]


let me try to offer a little elucidation.


certain thinkers offer an opinion that states the worst gift that could possibly be afforded sentient [sic] beings would be telepathy.


i agree without reservation.


imagine your every thought available to all others, at all times; to lovers, brothers, family, friends and enemies.


available to all others even when you are sleeping.


[an aside] this is what is professed when a 'god' happens to appear in the social plan. a religious/psychological north korean totalitarian 'police camera' of the mind. do you not instantly think this a hideous premise.


an absolute state of 'unfreedom'.


and before you start, 'let him [sic] who is without sin' yada yada fucking yada.




i have always maintained that the person who offered all thoughts, objections and meanderings that ran through their own mind as common knowledge would inevitably remain alone.


it seems patently ridiculous to think otherwise.


you may 'think' you state the absolute truth.


you may 'say' you state the absolute truth.


you do not.


you never offer your own unedited truth.






if you did, you would be alone.


you may think you are the worlds most accepting and forthright 'humanist', or if we are dealing with religions [humanism with a dad] the most 'accepting' religious follower of any number of faiths [though that has an exceptionally hubristic, pious, xenophobic and ego driven component].


you are not.


you do not tell the truth.


and nothing but the truth


you cannot do so and remain a human being.


it is impossible.


explain otherwise to me and i will listen.


though do consider:


no pride.

no envy.

no masturbation.

no porn.

no jealousy.

no anger.

no hots for teacher.

no covetousness.

no spite.

no greed.

no gluttony.

no avarice.

no eating of shellfish on wednesday.


i mixed a few of the commandments in with a little van halen there.


i do hope the pious will accept this as it is offered.


think about your own self.


do you tell the absolute truth?


if you can honestly say yes to me, i will instantly think you a liar.


or inhuman.




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Taken on October 3, 2009