3d pan white

Laura Hayden 02 © studio.es

So, as you can see i'm exploring styles outside my own, i find horizontal portraits really different, you seem to have more empty space in the picture but the same intensity. So i cropped it X-PAN style, the empty space jives with the calm of the picture, i try to let the subject breath so-to-speak.


Lighting is a single 40x120 strip low, close to her, and pointing horizontal (Laura is sitting on a chair). A single reflector with barndoors low and pointing slightly up. Black reflector on her left.


Model: Laura Hayden for ABC models here in barcelona

Makeup: Ruud van den Berg

AD: Maite Herreo

Stylist: Sara Morgan


Please keep in mind all my pics can be used as long as you have my ok.

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Taken on September 20, 2008