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You're next! | by Arnett Gill
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You're next!



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10 list:


1. I was a college athlete @ Old Dominion (wrestling)


2. One time I was knocked out and when I came too I said "I'm BATMAN!"


3. I used to have my nips pierced until some drunk girl ripped one out as she vomitted on herself... then I said "screw this"


4. I collect knives and swords, but no guns.


5. I like to sing about the moon and the june and the spring... but not where others can hear


6. I don't like spiders --->"."<---


7. I collect pens... I still have some from middle school


8. I am 5'9-5'10 but i have a 28in inseam =( (legs swing on the john)


9. I like cracking backs and giving back massages


10. I just held my breath for 53 seconds =)

That's my super power... I can hold my breath one second longer than any underwater scene in any movie... even the ending of "SEALS" with Charlie Sheen


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Taken on August 24, 2009