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1946 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible (Back to the Future I & II) | by lego911
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1946 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible (Back to the Future I & II)

Marty: "Let's land on him, we'll cripple his car."

Doc: "Marty, he's in a '46 Ford. We're in a DeLorean. He'd rip through us like we were tin foil."

— As the DeLorean hovers over the Ford

The Ford Super De Luxe was a model of vehicle manufactured by Ford during the 1940s. Biff Tannen owned a 1946 version in 1955 which was a convertible, painted black with a red interior, and had the nickname "Shiela". Its license plate number was 6H 96472.


Biff was the only person who knew the trick to starting the ignition, as he told Terry: "You just gotta have the right touch. Nobody can start this car but me." Biff still remembered the technique in his old age — much to the amazement of his younger self, who demanded to know how this "old codger with a cane" knew how to do this.




After being provoked by Marty McFly in Lou's Cafe on November 8, 1955, Biff and his gang chased him in the Ford around Courthouse Square before slamming into a manure truck. By November 12, Biff had the car repaired. In order to repair the damage to his car, Biff was pressured by Terry to pay $300 for the job, but refused payment. As he argued with Terry, both Marty and Biff's older self jumped into the Ford, with Marty hiding in the back seat. Old Biff drove the Ford back to his house and parked it in his garage before displaying the Grays Sports Almanac.


Later that night, Marty snuck away in the back seat again as Biff drove to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance at Hill Valley High School. Biff parked the vehicle outside the door of the gymnasium and returned to it after discovering that Marty had been after the almanac. Biff drove the Ford towards River Road Tunnel on the way home before Marty swooped in using the hoverboard. Biff and Marty fought over the almanac outside and in the tunnel, with Biff sideswiping the wall of the tunnel with the right side of the Ford. When Biff reached the end of the tunnel, he turned completely around and faced Marty who was still halfway inside. Biff charged the car towards Marty in the hopes of running him over, but failed when Marty grabbed a string of pennants attached to the DeLorean time machine. As Biff watched the DeLorean hover away, he crashed the Ford into a manure truck again, filling his car with manure.


It is unclear what became of the Ford after 1955, but it reappeared newly restored in 1985A where it was on display at the entrance to the Biff Tannen Museum, alongside a waxwork figure of Biff.


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This Lego miniland scale 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible (Back to the Future I & II) has been created for Flickr LUGNuts' 96th Build Challenge - The 8th Birthday, titled - 'Happy Crazy Eight Birthday, LUGNuts' - where all previous build challenges are available to build to. This model is built to the LUGNuts 6th build challenge, - &quotYour Claim to Fame" - a challenge encouraging the builder to create an iconic model with some level of popular culture reference (to ensure lots of interweb exposure) - in this case, this model is created and loaded to the interweb in the lead up to October 21st 2015 - the day that Marty and Doc Brown arrive in 2015 from their original timeline in 1985.

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Uploaded on October 21, 2015