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RIP dear Jake. July 15 1999 - Dec 18 2012. A final tribute. EXPLORE   Dec 19, 2012 #54 | by neuro
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RIP dear Jake. July 15 1999 - Dec 18 2012. A final tribute. EXPLORE Dec 19, 2012 #54


What I loved about my beloved Jake.


Jake had been in my life for 13 years.

He and Bailey came to me at 6 weeks of age. I could hold both litter-mates in each of my palms.


The first thing I noticed as I held Jake on the car ride home is that even at that young age he maintained direct contact with my eyes as I spoke gently to him.

Those big blue eyes later changed to a beautiful green, and always looked at mine whenever I spoke to him.


The next thing I noticed on the way home as I held him near my face was that cute little tongue came out and kissed my nose, from day one.


As he grew into a playful kitten whenever I said come here and give me a kiss he did with that beautiful tongue. He would walk across a room or my bed as he quickly associated the words "Come here give me kiss and I'll get you supper." (treat)


He learned to sit on command and give me paw, then the other one as witnessed in one of his videos on my flickr section under Jake's videos.


EVERYDAY when I came home from work be it day shift or night shift he'd greet me at the door.


I'd say lets go up to the bedy (bed) and he would race upstairs ahead of me… making Ruh ruh ruh sounds and plop himself on the pillow next to mine.


In the morning when he wanted me to feed him he turned on the light at 05AM (also in flickr video section.

If that didn't work I'd tell him turn it off and he would.


Then he would proceed to lick my face, or gently paw it. If I turned away he would run his paw through my hair.

If all else failed he would give my hand a little love bite.


When I finally did get up I put on a much too long housecoat.

Jake followed me down the stairs and every step or two he jumped on the bottom of the housecoat. He did this the entire way down.


Jake LOVED his food. He gobbled it in no time then pushed Bailey out and try to eat his.

All I have to do is call out the word supper, clang his bowel or open the oven and he raced to his dish, trying to beat Bailey in the process. Always did too!


Jake was the alfa male of the 2 brothers, even though he was smaller than Bailey. He sure was the boss.


If ever I scolded Jake (rarely) by telling him he was a "bad boy" in a stern voice he would ALWAYS immediately come over to me and rub up against me.. to get me to make up with him. It ALWAYS worked too. ;-)


Jake had one black whisker on the right side of his face. The rest were all white.


Jake was my best companion over 13 yrs through my many shoulder and knee surgeries, always lying next to me on my pillow near my head, giving me comfort.

He was a purr machine the moment I talked to him or petted him. Again always looking directly into my eyes.


Jake loved to play, chasing Bailey and watching the birds and squirrels. He would leap a mile in the air for the Cat Prancer toy.

Every time an airplane flew by Jake would look up high in the sky.


Jakes HATED sneezes. If I sneezed he would run away voicing his displeasure, meowing rrrroh, rrroh, rrroh and finally big meows for 3-5 seconds.


He was a kind gentle soul, NEVER once biting or scratching the vets with his medical issues the past few years. He was a very brave boy and he fought hard to live.


He was also a meticulously clean kitty. Always washing after he eats and NEVER missing the litter box even when ill. Dr W and Dr Lecavalier and all the vets tech fell in love with Jake.

They too had tears when he left us...


Above all he was a loving loyal companion and I will always love him and miss him immensely.

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